Best pet-friendly beaches in Croatia

Best pet-friendly beaches in Croatia

Vacations become the most enjoyable when everyone on the trip is able to enjoy the experience. The same goes for pets as well. If you take your pets on a holiday but fail to plan activities that include them, you will simply have to leave them in the hotel room or in the carrier. 

That’s not fun for any of you, so find out here how to share your joy with your pet while on vacation!

To help you with this situation, here is a list of the best pet-friendly beaches in Croatia for you to choose from. Beaches in Croatia are a sight to behold and are mostly pet-friendly unless mentioned otherwise.      

1. Vela beach, Baška

This natural pebble beach, located south of the island of Krk, is suitable for kids and pets. With its white sands lined with sailboards, sunshades, and loungers, if you are looking for a fun time with your pet, Vela is one of the best options. 

2. Podvorska beach, Crikvenica

Podvorska is one of the most popular dog-friendly beaches in the region. The beach has been kept up-to-date and for this, Podvorska has won many awards as well. Apart from blowing the minds of pets and pet parents with the equipment, the beach also has a dog cafe. You will find that this all-inclusive dog-friendly establishment is going to make your pet bloom with delight.    

3. Beach Punta Kolova, Opatija 

Kvarner, also known as The Pearl of the Adriatic Sea, has a beautiful coastline worth enjoying. Opatija is located on this bay and that makes it one of the most visited beaches in the region. The beach between Opatija and Punta Kolova is especially worth mentioning. With long promenades and blue waters, both you and your furry friend can make a wonderful day out of this visit.  

4. Camp beach Istria, Rovinj 

Is the neverending ocean and sand getting to you on your vacay in Croatia? Switch it up by visiting Camp Beach Istria in Rovinj. With tennis courts, swimming pools, and golf courses sprinkled throughout the location, you can have a slightly different day with your pawed friends. Since all the activities in the area are pet-friendly, you don’t have to part with your friend to take a break from the sea. 

5. Kolovare beach, Zadar

Considerably smaller than almost all the popular beaches in Croatia, Zadar offers you pockets of peace and privacy from the crowded city center. Best suited for quick swims and sunbathing, you and your pet can simply bask in this tourist spot that is never too packed with people. 

6. Danče beach, Dubrovnik

If your vacation planning has taken you to the medieval city of Dubrovnik, don’t skip visiting the Danče beach. As one of the oldest beaches that are pet-friendly in Croatia, you can enjoy the medieval walls as well as the huge rocks placed around the waters. If you make the trip early in the morning, you and your pet can have the entire deserted beach to play around.  

Final Thoughts 

Considering everything, Croatia is one of the most pet-friendly places in the world. Unless specified, most activities are pet-inclusive and this makes a popular tourist spot for people with pets. Dalmatia has even more stunning beaches, so click here to see a whole list! Now you can plan your vacation in Croatia without excluding your pet.  


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