Puppy-Proofing Your Home to Care for Your Pet Puppy Indoors? Check These Tips!

Puppy-Proofing Your Home to Care for Your Pet Puppy Indoors? Check These Tips!

Taking care of a puppy isn’t as easy as welcoming it home. The new entrant spends most of its life in your home. As a responsible puppy parent in New Zealand, you must make it a haven, so it lives peacefully. Make sure you get the requisite alterations done to keep your precious pup safe and sound.

Now you don’t want this tiny curious creature to hurt itself in its quest for exploring your home territory. It is one of the reasons to purchase the best pet insurance early – so the little paws are covered for accidents inside and outside the home. Plus, dog insurance Nz can cover your pup’s vet visit costs, vaccinations and prescription bills, so you don’t have to worry about the pet’s health expenditure every time you book an appointment with the vet.

A medical backup is essential, but you may take preventive measures to guard your pup against unforeseen accidents and sickness. Remember, it is still young and needs your immense help to make it through the growing years. Initially, you can start with puppy-proofing your home, so your pup doesn’t get trapped by perils unknown.

Here are some tips:

  1. Pay heed to electric components. Use cord concealers or unplug electrical cords. Please make them inaccessible, so your pup doesn’t know something like this is hiding inside or can’t reach it. You have to do this to ensure your teensy-weensy pet doesn’t get too curious and chew it. If your pet pup gets its mouth on hazardous stuff, it may land an electric shock or mouth burn.
  2. Store kitchen cleaning and other chemical-based cleaning supplies in high cabinets where your puppy can’t reach. Also, you can keep them safe behind childproofed doors. When you take these things out for use, evacuate the puppy from the area so his health doesn’t suffer from chemical vapours.
  3. Place medications in a secure zone where your puppy can’t get its paws on. Don’t choose low tables, living room counters, and other easily climbable places.
  4. Keep the toilet lids closed so your pup doesn’t fall into it. Also, store shampoos, conditioners, and other bath essentials in a cabinet it can’t open so your puppy does not squeeze them and consume them or mess the place playing with them.
  5. Secure your large window blinds so your puppy does not get caught up playing with them. Additionally, please keep all the external entry doors and windows closed; it helps keep your puppy safe in your home enclosure. Open windows are risky spots where puppies may fall out when trying to look out.
  6. Stash away all the tiny/sharp items in a closet to prevent pet choking hazards. For instance, paper clips, bands, coins, jewellery, nails, pins, scissors, knives, etc.
  7. Guard trash cans, as your pup may want to know why certain smells are coming from here. It may chew or try to eat what is inside and upset its stomach. Your pup might suffer from food poisoning too.
  8. Any prickly or poisonous indoor plants must be put away so the puppy’s tiny mouth can’t reach them. Also, have puppy-friendly décor inside your home, so your pup doesn’t meet with any accidents.

Transform your living space so you can cohabit with your pup companion. Ensuring your puppy’s safety is one of your responsibilities as a pup parent. Purchasing the best pet insurance becomes vital to dealing with unexpected accidents and managing your puppy’s health expenses. Get dog insurance Nz to support your pet puppy’s health for now and in the coming times.


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