5 Key Moments From the 2021 Tony Awards

5 Key Moments From the 2021 Tony Awards

It’s time for the 2021 Tony Awards and it’s just as hard to decide where to be when you’re not sure who will be standing up there doing the honors. Just when you think you know who should be up there, another unexpected celebrity announcement takes your attention away. It’s like this in a lot of significant events. If you can’t wait until the big day, here are a few key moments from the ceremonies that will definitely be worth your time.

  1. First up is the return of America’s Next Top Model. This reality series was one of the longest-running reality shows in television and was brought back for a second season on Tony Awards. The show became so popular that it spawned its hour, which aired across multiple networks.
  2. If you have always wondered how the models managed to get through their shows, then wonder no longer. For the first time ever, we have an behind-the-scenes peek at what goes on before and during a taping. What goes on before a show is vital to the judges and hosts as well as any guest stars. It gives them something to strive for while filming so it’s fascinating to watch. Plus, it allows the audience to see what really goes on in a typical day for a model. Who knows, maybe they will have some secrets to give out next year!
  3. The show kicked off with the Best New Artist competition and went right into a tribute to Michael Jackson. After his untimely death, fans flocked to Staples Center to celebrate his incredible music and to honor his untimely passing. The crowd got to see all the artists up on stage, including J.J. Johnson and Mary J. Blige…
  4. In the Best New Artist category, the show spotlighted The Chainsmokers. These are the guys from the Knxwledge song “chain-smoker” who had taken a hiatus from touring in recent years. While their music has not been overlooked by other artists, the Chainsmokers were not given much to work with for this competition. It felt like they had lost all the love and support of their fan base. However, when their long-awaited return to the limelight came around, they delivered an excellent performance that nearly stole the show. And who can forget when Taylor Swift performed one of her classics live on the Tony Awards?
  5. Next up was LCD Soundsystem’s performance of their song “Alive.” This track became a massive hit with teenage girls and youth all over the country in 2011. Not only did the group win the award for Best Group, they took home the trophy also. During the ceremony, they were joined by Beyonce and her mother Tina Knowles. That night marked the first time that two mother/daughter duets had accomplished the task of placing a solo artist in the Top Ten.

Finally, we headed into the musical performances. Who wouldn’t be interested in Adele’s fantastic rendition of “Skylight” or The Weeknd performing his smash hit “Earned It.” Of course, it wasn’t the best night to see a solo artist up against an established pop star, but those performances do nothing for the remainder of the awards season. But then again, who doesn’t watch these shows anyway? It is just so incredibly fun to root for acts that have genuinely conquered the mainstream with their incredible talent and unique sound.

Last Words

Hopefully, next year, we will get a little more exciting and memorable at the Tonys. Maybe we will get some sleeper favorites back from the past that surprise us. Either way, music lovers everywhere will be tuning in to see which great shows are given the award of their choice.

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