Lofet History, Family Crest & Coats of Arms


The Lofet History Family Crest and Coats of Arms are among the oldest family crests. Their ancestors first settled in Ireland. The history of their ancestors is detailed in our PDF and printed products. It is possible to find out more about the life of your ancestors from their coats of arms. Using these resources, you can find the family’s crest, family crest, and more.

Power & Prestige

In medieval times, the family’s crest and also Coat of arms symbolized their noble status. The Coat of arms was a symbol of their power and also prestige. The Coat of arms resembled the components of a king or queen. The crest depicted in the family’s Coat of armorial records shows that the ancestors were highly skilled and also feared.

Armorial Bearings Represents

Nowadays, the crest and coats of arms are used for various purposes, including identifying the family. While the crest and Coat of arms are derived from medieval times, there is no denying that the origin of these symbols is ancient. The family crest is a symbolic reminder of the past, which a coat of armorial bearings represents. It unites the family and preserves its history.

Permanent Representation of Family

The crest is a symbol of the family’s noble status. Some families use this crest and Coat of arms, while others do not. This crest is a symbolic representation of the family’s noble standing. In some families, the spine is also used in the family’s Coat of arms. A range is a permanent representation of the family’s position in society, so its use on the crest and family shield is a powerful symbol.

French & English Monarchs

The family’s crest is a very distinctive symbol, and it signifies the family’s noble heritage. The crest of the Lofet family was initially acquired from Ireland by force. The French and also English monarchs later adopted the crest. A lion’s head is a unicorn. A dragon is the King of the house, so the lion’s head is the King of the household. The lion’s head is the essential part of a crest.

In England, the family coat of arms of the Lofets was registered with the College of the Heralds of the King’s court. The crest was recorded at the Court of Chivalry in the eleventh century. It was a commissioned piece of art. It was granted in the Netherlands in 1848 and is still the national crest of the family.

Jurisdiction of Court

The Lofet History Family Crest and Coats of Arms can be obtained from the College of Arms. The coats of arms of the family are recorded under the jurisdiction of the Court of Chivalry. They are medieval in origin. Their crests are displayed on their coats of arms. The Family Coat of the Lofet is an important symbol of a family.

Two Coats of Arms

The crest of the Lofets depicts a pope. The Coat of arms of the Lofets includes the papal tiara, crossed keys, and also the tiara. The range of the Lofet history is a symbol of the family. This Coat of arms is a family’s identity. It is an essential piece of family history.

The Lofet History Family Crest & Coats of Arms dates to the eleventh century. While the two coats of arms are not the same, they are similar. They both bear the same crest and are based on the Irish name Loughnane. The spine of the family is a symbol of their ancestral land. The range symbolizes the clan’s ancestors.


The Lofet History Family Crest &Coats of Arms are part of the overall Coat of arms. A crest is a three-dimensional object attached to a family’s Coat of arms. The range was initially designed to identify the person who received the components. Its meaning evolved over the years. Over the centuries, it became a symbol of wealth, rank, and also honour.


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