When Was Sunscreen Invented?

When Was Sunscreen Invented?

The History Of Sunscreen

Some people are happy to use products without ever learning their origin, but for those who believe there is knowledge in power, a bit of background information is needed to feel comfortable using most things. Before using sunscreen, you should understand where it came from, what the original intent was, and where skin protection products are at now. 

Where Did Sunscreen Start?

The invention of sunscreen, according to NY times, started in the early 40s, and believe it or not, there were simultaneous efforts that resulted in two very different skin protection products. In 1938, a chemistry student from Switzerland named Franz Greiter devoted his efforts to creating a suitable formula for sun protection after suffering sunburns during a climb. Later, pharmacist and Airman Benjamin Green would use red veterinarian petroleum to form a physical sun barrier for himself and other troops. 

Green’s formula came to life first when he added cocoa butter and coconut oil to create Coppertone suntan cream. Meanwhile, Gletscher Creme came into circulation as an alternative sun protection product.

FDA Involvement

Sunscreen has been around since the mid-forties, but it wasn’t until the late 70’s that the Food and Drug Administration began to establish SPF (sun protection factor) testing and labeling for consumer protection. Today, products are required to have a UVA (ultraviolet A radiation) and UVB (ultraviolet B radiation) protection rating. 

There are far more regulations and guidelines now to keep consumers protected against harmful products, but the effects of some commonly used chemicals are unknown. Sunscreens that utilize nano-particles may allow for the micro-absorption of chemicals, leading to intestinal issues.

So Much To Choose From

Sunscreen started as a lotion, but formulas and packaging have progressed significantly over the decades. Now, you can find sunscreens in virtually every application, from sprays and lotions to sticks and balms. There is now a product for every application to make adventuring easy.

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The Best Sunscreen Solution

The effects of nano-sunscreens are heavily debated, but the benefits of organic sunscreen are not. Before there was packaged sunscreen, there were natural skin-protecting substances. By naturally forming a barrier between the user and harmful UV rays, organic sunscreen can protect with the same efficiency as typical skin protection products, but without any absorption. 

Organic substances let products like this naturally protect, nourish, and hydrate skin. With organic sunscreen, you can enjoy refreshed skin after UV exposure instead of a sticky, gross feeling. The best part is, you know that you are applying a natural product for yourself and your family. It’s a great feeling knowing that you are making the best choice for those you love!


It’s important to understand the history of products and where they originated, especially with something as important as sunscreen. While crude products modeled the first appearances of sunscreen, products have come a long way. You wouldn’t have used red veterinarian petroleum, so why use outdated products? Upgrade to organic and ensure that you are receiving the best, healthiest skincare.


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