Planning an Apparel Business? Here Are 5 Fabrics That Are Suitable for Apparels

Planning an Apparel Business? Here Are 5 Fabrics That Are Suitable for Apparels

The majority of people from around the world can’t live a day without buying new clothes to add to their collections. They usually visit apparel stores to have attire for their weddings, festivals, and anniversary parties. If you plan to start your business journey, building your own clothing store is a great option as it is proven to be profitable. 

Before purchasing fabrics to go, you have to determine how you want the clothes in your shop to look from the design to the colors. With the sheer number of fabrics available in the market today, you might feel overwhelmed. Each of them has different components and properties that determine how long they can last and how much maintenance they need. To help you make the right decisions and lessen the time you will spend choosing fabrics, we have listed below the top 5 fabric materials for any apparel. 

  1. Cotton

One of the most popular fabrics to go is cotton due to its light and soft fabric. To manufacture the said fabric, you have to subject the seeds of the cotton plant to a process called ginning. After that, you can now turn the fiber into woven or knitted cloth. If you want to give your customers comfortable, versatile, and durable shirts, dresses, and underwear, then make sure to use cotton fabrics. It is one of the best fabrics to go because it is hypoallergenic meaning it causes fewer allergic reactions compared to other materials. The only downside is that it takes a long time before it dries whenever you wash it.

  1. Crepe

Crepe materials are the fabrics to go for you to produce apparels that are light, rough, and do not easily wrinkle. To have this kind of fabric, you have to use different materials namely silk, cotton, and wool. It is the material most commonly used to manufacture pants, scarves, shirts, blouses, and skirts. If you plan to offer designer clothes, then georgette which is a type of crepe fabric is what you have to purchase.

  1. Leather

Leathers are the fabrics to go should be able to manufacture durable, wrinkle-resistant, and stylish apparel. It is one of the most unique materials as it is made from the skin or hides of animals like pigs, crocodiles, and lambs. If you aim to offer dresses with a soft texture and velvety surface to your future customers, then use suede fabrics, a type of leather material. It is also a popular choice in countries dominated by cold weather because it can keep the body warm.

  1. Linen

One of the fabrics to go is this linen which is considered the oldest material. If you want your apparel to last for a long time, then this fabric is for you. This durable and lightweight type of fabric is made out of the flax plant, a natural fiber. The strands of this plant are turned into yarn and mixed with other fiber materials. It is the key to manufacture dresses and shirts that are absorbent, cool, and smooth. The only disadvantage of this fabric is that it creases easily so there is a need to regularly iron it. 

  1. Silk

Silk materials are the fabrics to go for you to create luxurious-looking apparel. It is one of the most recommended fabrics because of its smooth texture and elegant appearance. It is often found in China, South Asia, and Europe because these countries contain the silkworm’s cocoon which is used to produce silk. It is the key to produce clothes with the highest quality because it is the most hypoallergenic and most durable fabric that you can find in the market today. However, your customers might have a hard time cleaning it. You have to remind them to hand wash the clothes instead of washing them using machines. Silk materials are the fabrics to go if you want to manufacture wedding and evening gowns, lingerie, and scarves.

In a Nutshell

The most important factor to achieve success in the industry is by choosing the right fabric materials. It does not matter if you have a well-decorated establishment if the apparel you sell are made of low-quality fabrics. When this happens, you will surely have low sales potential. To have the best fabrics, make sure to visit the Yorkshire Fabric Shop Batley in England! 


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