Where to Apply Roll-On to Get the Desired Results

Where to Apply Roll-On to Get the Desired Results

People who are familiar with the benefits of essential oils should know how to use the roll-on bottles filled with these oils. Whether you have bought essential oil or you have prepared your own, you should know the right way to use it. The main objective of designing essential oil roll-on bottles is to make its topical application simple and easy. In the roll-on bottles, the diluted form of essential oil is filled. You just need to rub roll-ball on your skin. The roll-bottle ensures that the essential oil is applied appropriately and there is no mess. The roll-on will help to do the massage and a little amount of oil will come out from the bottle.

Where to Apply Roll-On Essential Oils?

The roll-on essential oils are fantastic. But you should apply the roll-ons on the specific area of your body to enjoy maximum benefits. Well, normally you can apply essential oil roll-on anywhere. But, if you will follow certain rules, then you can enjoy the most benefits of the roll-ons.

  1. Behind the Ears

The skin thickness varies across the whole body. The skin behind your ears is more permeable as compared to the rest of your skin. The skin behind the ear can easily absorb the essential oils applied behind the ear lobes. The mastoid pressure point is behind your ear and when you will apply pressure with roll-on, you will surely experience great relief. It will help you to get rid of pain, swelling, and inflammation. Thus, we recommend you apply essential oil behind the ear lobes to get good results. The best place to apply stress relief rollerball is behind the ears. 

  1. Bottom Of Feet

Your feet have large size pores in your body and that’s why your feet can easily absorb essential oils through your skin. It means that essential oils can easily enter your bloodstream and you can instantly enjoy the benefits of these essential oils. Your skin can instantly absorb essential oils and you can enjoy the benefits of these oils for a long. When you will apply the essential oil to your feet, then it will show good results and it is known as reflexology. 

Term reflexology can be described as the technique of applying pressure, especially on hands, feet, and ears. This technique helps in promoting relaxation and also helps to reduce stress. All nerve lines end in our feet and when we do massage on our feet with essential oil roll-on, then it will give relief to our body. You will be able to experience high relief at a fast rate.

  1. On the Temples

Temples are located on both sides of the head, exactly between your forehead and ear. The temples are those areas of the body that most people turn to for getting relief from headaches. Rather than just massaging your temples to get relief from headaches, you should rub a roll-on bottle filled with essential oil for instant relief. The temples are the pulse points where the blood vessels are located very close to the skin surface. Consequently, the essential oil can easily enter your bloodstream. It means that you can easily experience good results in no time by moving stress rollball on the temples.

  1. On Your Wrists

Apply roll-on to your inner writs to enjoy the good results of the essential oils. The biggest reason for applying the essential oil on your inner wrist is that it is another pulse point. The radial artery runs along the inner wrist that makes it very easy for your body to absorb essential oil. When you will rub a roll-on bottle filled with essential oil on your wrist, you will instantly start observing good results.  

Other Places to Apply Roll-Ons

The roll-on can be applied to more areas along with those which are specified above. Some of the other common areas where you can apply roll-ons are described below:

  • You can apply the roll-on essential oil near the ankles because it is another pulse point where the posterior tibia artery is located.  
  • The abdomen is another region where you can apply the roll-on essential oil. If you are observing any sort of stomach-related issue, then this region is perfect for applying roll-on. For instance, if you are facing bloating, nausea, or digestion-related issues, then apply it to your stomach.  
  • Apply roll-on essential oil on the side of your neck because the carotid artery runs through this point. The anxiety roller should be applied behind the neck. 
  • Just like the inner wrist, the inner elbow is also a pulse point where the brachial artery is present.
  • The chest is also the right place where you can apply the roll-on. If you are facing cough or congestion in your chest, then apply roll-on in this specific region.
  • The back side of the knees are pulse points and these spots have a popliteal artery.


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