What Is SEO? And The Orange County SEO Giant

What Is SEO? And The Orange County SEO Giant

Today, we are gonna take a look at SEO, its history, and why choosing an Orange County SEO might be the best idea for your business. If you still don’t know about SEO, then this is the right article to get started!

What is SEO

?SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a set of optimization strategies and techniques for websites, blogs, and web pages to improve organic positioning in search engines like Google by generating traffic and digital authority.

How did SEO come about?

SEO was created in 1991. It was the time of the birth of the world’s first Web site, and soon several others were being created. There was a need to develop a structure capable of making navigation between these pages more organized and accessible.

A story told by Bob Heyman, author of the book Digital Engagement, illustrates this need. He recalls that he was frustrated when he searched for the website of the rock band Jefferson Starship in a search engine and found it only on page 4.

In his mind, this was wrong, since he spent a long time searching, when he should have been introduced to the site right away: page 1, position 1. Now, a curiosity: nowadays, we have position 0, with the Snippets. Even better!

The lack of a structure to go beyond cataloging the information sought by the reader, but to organize and present it, began to become a pain point as more sites were created and, as a consequence, more users came to read.

Who are the creators of SEO?

Companies such as Excite in 1993 and Alta Vista and Yahoo in 1994 were already pioneers in categorizing and displaying information on the Internet. However, SEO took off with Sergey Brin and Larry Page two years later.

This was done with the creation of a very advanced search engine for the time: BackRub. Soon after, it became our old familiar Google, back in 1997. It is interesting to note that, although the term is highly associated with the world’s largest search engine, other mechanisms also rely on SEO.

When did the term come into use?

It is believed that it was in 1997, at the same time that Brin and Page were putting effort into creating a new search engine. However, the ranking strategy was not yet so well known, and it was necessary to “clear an open sea”.

How has SEO evolved so far?

Since the development of SEO, marketers have found a number of ways to rank their content in search engines. In the past, there was the idea that it was easier to rank. This was because the platforms did not have very elaborate criteria to distinguish genuine strategies from those of spam.

Practices such as mass production of irrelevant content, keyword stuffing, and excessive combined link exchanges between sites were not necessarily seen as negative by the platform. Today, this set of actions is known as Black Hats.

The point that allowed a series of SEO evolutions was, precisely, Google’s algorithm updates. From time to time, the quality guides are updated and a series of practices are revised. The process of producing a blog post and ranking in good positions has become more challenging and, at the same time, we can say relatively fairer.

A well-positioned content should offer the best possible information to the user, in addition to a responsive site, with fast loading and based on the best practices not only of Google but of the main search engines available on the internet.

Some Advantages

  1. Complete diagnosis of your site

The first stage of SEO consulting is precisely the evaluation of the site. This is also a great advantage for the entrepreneur, who finally discovers everything that is hindering its positioning in Google.

The SEO service provides a complete diagnosis of the site, including what needs to be improved, what actions should be implemented, and what is affecting the ranking, among other very important information.

Specialized service to help you

Another very important advantage to mention is that this is a specialized SEO service, so you are sure to achieve a good result with a professional optimization.

Increased visibility for your site

By hiring this service and applying the actions guided by the consultant, you will probably notice that your site will gain more visibility. And this will lead to other benefits unique to SEO, such as increased qualified traffic, for example.

  1. Time-saving

If the idea is to save time on your optimization, then you should count on a professional to help you. Hiring an SEO consultant will help you save a lot of time with optimization since this professional is qualified to perform the activities that involve good optimization much faster.

Saving time with consulting means having more time to take care of your company. The idea of this service is that you focus on your core business and let a professional take care of SEO for you.

  1. Competitor management

In SEO the competition is a very important analysis. On the Internet, there are countless sites and blogs about the same niches, so you will certainly have competition at some point.

Truth North Social

Truth North Social is an Orange County SEO agency that provides consultation for businesses trying to improve their rankings on search engines. Today, everyone knows that having an online presence it’s important not only to get found by customers but also to establish some credibility amongst consumers.

Although, not all companies have the knowledge or the capacity to do it by themselves. Even if they had, it could consume a lot of their time and resources, so that is where agencies like Truth North Social come in! They are currently the best Orange County SEO in the field, and their services included link building, content writing, technical SEO, and more…

You are invited to contact them for further information. One more thing, the first consultation is for free! You can book your reservation at any time through their website.


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