Fascinating Facts that Gold Coast Businesses should know about SEO

Fascinating Facts that Gold Coast Businesses should know about SEO

Different kinds of businesses in Gold Coast expand their operations because of the growing market. One increasing company you might find in Gold Coast is Dillenger, a well-known engineering firm that focuses on developing top-class e-bikes. You also have John Cox Creature Workshop that creates lifelike fantasy creatures and Evolve Skateboards that make quality electric skateboards. 

With the many potential business ventures on Gold Coast, you may need extra help to start your business the right way. You can do that by hiring the best seo services Gold Coast offers, but you also need to understand their industry to utilise them effectively. It would be ideal for learning the many interesting SEO facts to widen your knowledge about their job. 

Fact#1: Top-ranked website pages on Google have a 1,447 average word count

Gold Coast businesses should know that you always have to create high-quality website content to make it to the first pages of search engine results. However, you should know that most content that makes it to the first pages has an average word count of 1,447, so you might need to increase your content’s word count in the future. 

High word count websites make it to the first pages because people spend more time reading them. They can spend even more time if the website content is informative and does not feel dragging for the readers. If you plan to write website content for your Gold Coast audience, you should let your word count reach between 1,500 and 2,000. 

Fact #2: Most users will abandon slow-loading websites right away

One reason to hire the best seo services in Gold Coast has to provide is to improve your website’s loading times. Keep in mind that users who visit a website that does not load in under two seconds will leave right away. They already have access to high-speed internet, and the last thing they need is a website that cannot load as quickly as possible.

Please work with your SEO agency or experts in optimising your business’s website to ensure they get rid of unnecessary things that slow down the load times. People nowadays want everything fast, and it is one of the many ways to increase website traffic effectively. Lastly, you also get to reduce bounce rates, which can heavily affect your website’s search engine rankings. 

Fact#3: Users find and visit websites using their mobile phones.

Every business in Gold Coast should know that most of their target audience will be accessing their website through smartphones. It means they need to optimise their website to work and orient properly when displayed on a tiny phone screen. Note that businesses that fail to create a website that functions correctly on smartphones receive very little website traffic. 

However, you should be able to create a mobile-friendly website when you hire the best SEO agency on Gold Coast to help you out. They can also make constant updates to keep bringing back mobile users from time to time. 

Once you start your business in Gold Coast, you should always have an SEO agency helping you out when you have a website and want to reach the first search engine results. You can also use the exciting facts mentioned above to know what you want your SEO experts to do. 


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