Visit These Places In India If You Are An Art Lover

India is home to a prolific cultural diversity and persona that other countries fail to reach. India has engrossed many tourists with outstanding arts with a fascinating backstory for its diversity and culture reflected in its art. The critical factor in Indian art is the paralleling of various cultures and their significance that meets the eye. If you have a particular penchant for art, you must visit the following places mentioned in this article to accomplish your innermost inclinations. Book your international flights to India to witness the mighty story-telling art that speaks volumes.  Prepare to read this article and spot your favourite artists making an occasional appearance! This article will acquaint you with the best places in India that serve as a home to art lovers and painting lovers alike!

1. National Gallery Of Modern Art

Kicking off our list is the ever-beautiful national gallery of modern art in Delhi. This place hosted by the capital of India has anxiety-inducing art and crafts in a good way. When you step foot into this gallery, prepare to brace yourself with its appalling cultural significance and astonishing art, which leave you in un awe! This butterfly-shaped red building has a unique character and is one of the essential art buildings preserved by India. The gallery calculates and signifies the cultural ethos of India through its changing art forms in the last hundred and fifty years. One of the most modern traces of art, it undoubtedly has an attired fan following and will continue to do so for many years to come.

2. Academy of fine arts, Kolkata

Time-honoured in 1933, which is relatively recent, this art gallery has a momentous soft corner spot for art lovers from India and abroad alike. The arts from Indian artists are accessible here, and foreign artists have also backed a place in this gallery. The most famous works punctually shown off are a girl with a pitcher and a winter’s evening. This all-white embodied paintings gallery touches the heart and soul of every art lover wishing to get a foretaste of the beauty and diversity of art. The most famous artist to grace the top preference in this art museum are Nandalal Bose. M.F, Hussain, and Jamini Roy.

3. Government Museum, Chennai

You would be dumbfounded to know that Chennai’s government museum is the second-oldest art museum in India. This aspect has qualified in the good graces of people hosting fine arts dating back to the olden generations. Its civilization and diversity cannot be contemplated. With a heavy fan base and enormous visitors every year, an ardent art lover must never miss this museum. Also known as the Madras Museum, it was established in 1851 with works from renowned artists like Raja Ravi Varma on full display. You will get to witness amusing traditional artworks dating back to the Mughal and Rajput era, coupled with wonder-inspiring fashionable paintings.

4. Jehangir’s art gallery, Mumbai

Mumbai is the commercial capital of India, boasting rich development and industrial success. It is safe to say that such a city hosts an unsoiled and profound museum for art lovers to relinquish. Established in 1952, the Jehangir Art Museum is owned by a private organization owing to its reputation and achievement. If you want to see artists from India and foreigners trying to back a spot in this museum, visit this museum now! Witness the most exemplary art creations in this gallery, whose beauty will leave you gasping for air. As a bonus inclusion, we will also include the Prince of Wales museum as a must-watch arts and historic object’s museum that you must visit if you are in Mumbai. The Prince of Wales museum is located in Mumbai city, Churchgate, with several ethnically significant stones and paintings for you to see.

5. National Museum, New Delhi

Delhi doesn’t seem to catch a break on our list! Another museum with archaeologically significant paintings from the Mughal, Deccan, Rajasthan, and Kashmiri artists has pleased tourists for many years. With its charismatic illustrations and shock-inducing art, it keeps tourists coming back for more. It boasts the most extensive collection of miniature paintings in India and stands unconquerable concerning the best assortment of art paintings. Get to witness beautiful artworks from the 10th and 20th centuries in this vast museum filled with tourists and locals alike.

6. Darpan Art Gallery, Pune.

If you are booking a USA to India flight, you must visit the Darpan art gallery in Pune if you opt for a flight to Mumbai. Pune is four hours away from Mumbai roadways, making up for a fanciful road trip journey. This decade-old gallery has a unique artistic environment for all art lovers. The sketches and sculptures here focus on nothing but art from young artists. The best factor about this art gallery is that it does not shy away from stimulating young artists and giving them a platform to showcase their proficiencies. It has exclusive paintings that meet the eye. This beautiful art gallery has captured attention for a decade.

7. National Gallery Of Modern Art, Bangalore

The famous IT hub of India also hosts a beautiful and one of the newest art galleries. Visit this gallery to witness over 500 paintings, all tied to modern art and literature. The best part about this gallery is that the paintings are allocated to period, artist, and art school. It also consisted of traditional art and paintings and was inaugurated in 2009. Visit this museum at the earliest if you visit Bangalore.

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