How Common Are Bicycle Accidents In Houston, TX?

How Common Are Bicycle Accidents In Houston, TX?

Bicycle accidents can happen within an instance. Kids who learn to ride bicycles for the first time often fall. There are chances of severe injuries in this case as well. If you are not confident of your riding, then you are more prone to hurt others on the street.

As compared to any other vehicle on the road, more people get injured in a bicycle accident case. Most bicycle accident cases go unnoticed as injuries are not serious. So, how common are bicycle accidents in Houston, TX? Well, these are more common than any other road accident.

Why are bicycle accidents so common?

What we are concerned about here in this content is related to vehicle and bicycle crash cases. These types, in general, happen on busy streets or unnoticed corners. These are so common because of the negligence factor. 

In most cases, it is noticed that negligence is on account of vehicle drivers. But you may also come across cases where a bicycle rider has been at fault. No matter who is at fault, the bicycle rider is the one who will suffer more injuries.

Common sites of bicycle accidents

There is a common misconception that most accidents may only happen on busy highways or expressways. But it has been noticed that in most cases, these accidents are common within local areas. More kids are prey to hit and run cases nearby to their homes.

Several bicycles are injured near crossings and junction points. Traffic signals and sidewalk crossings are also common areas of accidents. Apart from these, bicyclists also get injured in busy streets and market areas.

Who are the most common victims of bicycle accidents?

Anyone careless can be a common victim of a bicycle accident. Many people are always at risk of these types of accidents. On average, teens are the common victims of bicycle accidents. 

These are the groups of riders who are careless when riding a bicycle on the road. They are also involved in stunt activities. They are also involved in reckless riding. In most cases, males are the common victims of bicycle accidents happening on the roadsides.

Propel who are used to riding a bicycle in the urban areas are more prone to accidents. Apart from this, most bicycle-related accidents happen during late evenings. This is the time when visibility is also less. Kids are also considered victims of bicycle accidents. 

Common reasons why these accidents happen

There can be many different reasons why bicycle accidents happen so often. But there are a few common reasons. In most cases, bicycle accidents are on account of hit and run cases. There are also chances that the bicyclist falls when riding on difficult terrains r at high speeds.

If the condition of the road is not good, then it may never be suitable for a bicyclist to ride. You need to take precautions. In most cases, the rider is always at fault. Even if the accident does not involve a vehicle still there are chances that the rider hits a stationary object on the street.

Pet dogs can also be responsible for more number of bicycle accidents. This is common if there is a loose pet dog in the neighborhood. The bicyclist can easily be run down by a pet dog. 

So, how common are Bicycle Accident Lawyer Houston, TX? Well, looking at all the above reasons, these accidents are very common.

Some factors that are responsible for bicycle accidents

The factors mentioned above are common. But there are several other factors as well. Some other more important factors may include road distractions. These could be in any form. The bicyclist or the vehicle driver could be speaking on the phone when the accident took place.

If the bicycle or the vehicle driver is not attentive when driving, then there are more chances of an accident. Speed is also one of the common factors. The car driver is driving the vehicle at a very high speed. The bicyclist can also ride at a speed that is above the set limits on the road.

Some accidents also take place because of the aggressive behavior of the driver or the bicyclist. If the area is a common construction zone, then accidents are common. In any case, that is serious. It is essential to hire a good bicycle accident lawyer or attorney. They will always prove more helpful.

A professional will help you with the claims process. He will also look into the medical care facilities. You should hire the best bicycle accident lawyer that suits your needs. 


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