The Exotic Drinks From Around the World

The Exotic Drinks From Around the World

If you’re a Houston rap fan, you’ve probably seen ads for exotic pops, the beverage company that features rap icons from the area. Each bottle of the beverage includes a QR code that will take you directly to the artists’ music. What’s even better is that you can get a sample of the drinks and try them out for yourself! Read on to find out how these unique drinks are different than those from your hometown.

Faygo Cotton Candy

If you’re a fan of the cotton candy flavor, you’ll love Faygo’s cotton candy flavors. Originally released in spring of 2014, this sugary treat has become a fan favorite. Available in over 50 flavors, Faygo cotton candy is the perfect treat for any occasion. These Petez Pop rare snacks are also available in bottled and canned forms. You can order them straight to your door! Click here for more info. 

Reptar Cereal

In Japan, you can buy Reptar Cereal, a new cereal that sells for $20. You can also order Fanta White Peach, a Japanese exclusive flavor. As an added bonus, this brand is a status symbol for dozens of rappers, including Murda Beatz. Fans can purchase these unique cereals from the company’s official website. In addition to their delicious taste, Reptar Cereal has several health benefits.

Fanta White Peach

You’ve probably heard of Fanta White Peach, one of the most popular international sodas. But are you able to get your hands on a bottle of the white peach variety? These pops are not easily available in Japan and are often hard to find in retail stores. What sets them apart from the crowd is their cloudy white color and pleasant peach flavor. To sample the exotic popstaste of these pops, you can visit Fanta’s official site and read consumer reviews.

Akbar Mashti

The best way to experience Iran is through the ice cream known as Akbar Mashti. This Persian ice cream gets its flavor and texture from salaab, a thick, floral ingredient that makes the ice cream thick. It’s made with heavy cream and is served cold, so you can get a quick fix for your sweet tooth without a long wait. The flavors of Akbar Mashti can be found in both Iran and India.

You’ve likely heard of and tried seagull wine, but how many of us have actually sipped it? Though it may have a foul taste and smell, this drink is a specialty drink found in China and Vietnam. It was invented in 1970 by a winemaker who wanted to make a liqueur that would represent the taste of New Zealand. The fruit of the electronexcels us tree was used to create the liqueur.

Exotic Spirits &Liqueurs

Exotic spirits and liqueurs are easy to find in your local liquor store, or you can travel to the countries where the products are made. Prices for these alcohols vary greatly, so always make sure to shop around to find the best price. Commercially-produced liqueurs are often fairly affordable, but some may be more expensive due to their rare ingredients and elaborate manufacturing processes. To enjoy the full flavors of an exotic alcoholic drink, you should consider pairing it with food that matches its taste.

Absinthe, a distilled highly alcoholic beverage, is found throughout the world. This green or yellow liquor is typically flavored with herbs, including wormwood. Originating in Switzerland in the late eighteenth century, absinthe was popular throughout Europe, especially in France. It was popular in the 19th century because of its purported hallucinogenic properties. Despite its unique taste, absinthe was eventually banned in many countries. 

Final Thoughts:

The Adwa cocktail is named for a city in Kenya, where its name means’magical medicine’ in Swahili. Local Kenyans believe the drink to cure all ills. The drink is traditionally served with a wooden stick dipped in honey. The wooden stick is both a decorative and functional part of the drink, as it is used to swirl honey through the drink. The Adwa cocktail is said to have originated in New York City, where Hugo Ensslin first created the drink.


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