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IMG Worlds of Adventure is an indoor entertainment park located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is Dubai’s first and mega-themed entertainment park or area. This indoor entertainment park consists of five zones. Two zones out of the five zones are international, well-renowned brands such as Marvel, Cartoon Network, etc. this park also consists of several adventure zones like the Dinosaur Adventure zones, Lost Valley, IMG Boulevard, etc. The sixth division of IMG Worlds of Adventure is the Novo Cinema, which came into existence due to a deal between the IMG Worlds of Adventure and Novo Cinema. 

IMG Worlds of Adventure is the world’s second-biggest temperature-controlled indoor themed entertainment venue, with an area of more than 1.5 million square feet. The destination, which can accommodate more than 20,000 visitors every day, includes thrill rides, roller coasters, and other attractions based on famous amusement park themes and rides.

Areas Based on Theme

This indoor entertainment park located in Dubai contains four different theme-based areas, collectively called Epic Zones. The park also has a 12-screen cinema. The main firm that is involved in the process of planning this indoor amusement park was Falcon’s Creative Group.

IMG Worlds of Adventure Ticket Offers:

IMG provides several offers for its tickets-

Combo 1 (Where one can Save up to 39%)- One can experience the IMG Worlds of Adventure plus a Free Visit to the Burj Khalifa At the Top with Coffee. This includes entry into and Free tickets to the tall Burj Khalifa, IMG Worlds of Adventure indoor amusement park, Access to levels 124, 125, and The Café that is considered the best and exclusive visit, along with a complimentary cup of coffee or a soft drink that can be picked up from the counter. 

Experience the 124th and 125th floors in one of the world’s fastest elevators and pave your way on the deck for observation at the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

At a magnificent height of 452 meters, the visitor gets access to the whole of Dubai, that is- deserts, its almost whole city, its sand, and the water bodies all in one glance. This combo costs AED 336.

Combo 2 (Where one can Save up to 45%)- One can experience the IMG Worlds of Adventure plus Tickets for Wild Wadi Waterpark. At IMG Worlds, one can meet their favourite superheroes and favourite cartoon characters and watch them come to life.

At Wild Wadi Park, all the visitors can experience the 30 amazing rides that promise to give the visitors satisfaction and make their day worth it.

One can take part in morale-boosting and energetic adventures along with numerous water-based activities with this combo ticket that gives entry to two well-known places in Dubai. This combo costs AED 360.

Combo 3 (Where one can Save up to 22%)- One can visit and experience the IMG Worlds of Adventure + Free View at the Palm Tickets 

Visit the IMG Worlds of Adventure and some free tickets to experience a View at the Palm Tower in Dubai with one ticket that falls under the visitor’s affordance. This combo costs AED 336.

Combo 4 includes the tickets for the IMG Worlds of Adventure plus Tickets for the Free Dubai Frame. This combo is price-friendly which includes a ticket to IMG Worlds of Adventure that gives you a free ticket to Dubai Frame as an additional reward. It also includes Entry into IMG Worlds of Adventure.

  1. Availability of a Wheelchair at the IMG
  2. Availability of chargeable Storage lockers.
  3. Direct entry to Dubai Frame, where the visitor won’t have to wait in the entrance line.
  4. Experiencing Iron Man is completely optional.
  5. Availability of Strollers that are chargeable.
  6. Zero-chargeable tickets to Dubai Frame

This combo costs AED 385.

Fast Track IMG Worlds of Adventure Tickets- One can experience the IMG Worlds of Adventure plus. He/ she even get to skip the long waiting queues at the entrance with top-priority entry and facilities to the theme park. One can also choose between three various types of fast track admission and spend a little more or extra time in the theme park even though the lane of fast track covers around 15-20 rides at one time as compared to the time that is taken for an average visitor to complete 8-12 rides.

This offer costs around AED 417.

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