The 35,000 Foot Overview: What Travel Will Look Like in the Next Decade

As the world hurtles into a convenience-first, tech-forward, energy-conscious future, it’s hard to imagine what travel will look like in just a few short years. Between green initiatives, digital solutions, and changing priorities, vacationers can expect clear trends to form and shape the tourism industry.  

Read on to learn about the future of travel before you jet off on your next adventure. 

Long-term workcations will become more common

With the normalization of remote work gaining traction worldwide, many people will take advantage of flexible scheduling to travel for extended periods. Rather than the traditional two-week vacation or weekend getaway, workers can travel long term by adopting a digital nomad lifestyle, logging on from anywhere in the world. 

Technology will make travel more seamless

From in-flight entertainment and booking flights to smart restrooms and language translation applications, 21st-century tech makes travel more efficient and accessible to frequent flyers. Travelers can take advantage of advances in biometrics, for example, to speed through airport security without removing belts or shoes.

Additionally, augmented reality will become more commonplace, providing travelers with real-time information about their surroundings. So, instead of booking blind, you can take virtual tours before you drop a chunk of change on nonrefundable flights and not-so-elegant beach-side hotels. 

Sustainability will be a key consideration

With more awareness of the environmental impact of travel, sustainability will become a key consideration for both individuals and businesses. For example, many environmentally-conscious vacationers seek out sustainable travel options, such as eco-friendly hotels and carbon-neutral airlines.

Additionally, as electric vehicles become more prevalent, car rentals may become obsolete with vehicle shipping options, ride-sharing services, and electric bikes or scooters.

Teleworking will continue to rise

The pandemic forced many businesses to reevaluate their in-person operations to survive shutdowns and prioritize accessibility. As a result, there’s been a sharp increase in remote teleworking.

Digital workplace trends are likely to continue in the next decade as companies recognize the benefits of teleworking, allowing employees to integrate work and travel into one.

Health and wellness will be top priorities

As health and wellness become increasingly important to people in all walks of life, many travelers have begun seeking out self-care-related destinations. Between yoga retreats and meditation centers to luxury spas and fitness resorts, consumers can expect a rise in health-conscious alternatives. 

Additionally, there’s a growing demand for health-centric travel experiences, like medical tourism, allowing for paid healthcare opportunities abroad.

Privacy will be at a premium

Finally, as concerns about data privacy continue to grow, travelers will likely gravitate toward additional security measures and safety accommodations to keep sensitive info protected. Whether you book a secluded villa or simply employ a VPN, personal privacy will be more accessible than ever before.

Wrap up

As the travel industry continues to grow and shift, be on the lookout for progressing tech, health, safety, and sustainability trends. That way, you can take advantage of ever-changing tourism opportunities and get the most out of your well-earned vacations. 

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