Smart Restroom Technology Are The New Trend

Smart Restroom Technology Are The New Trend

The smart restroom is an advanced, customized technology solution. Smart restroom technology is a transformation of a traditional restroom with an IoT integrated experience. Smart restroom technology is all about the assessment, installation of technology. 

The smart restroom integrates IoT environmental and operational sensors with digital restroom 3D mapping to provide intuitive user dashboards and alarms for real-time decision-making. The 3D platform of smart restroom technology monitors anything you would want in a restroom environment; temperature, humidity, air quality, water flow, smart flush, occupancy levels, customer satisfaction, blockages, and more. 

Smart restroom technology is a form of the digital restroom. Smart restroom technology is connected with the sensors, gateway, networks, and cloud to get your data flowing into the software dashboard. Smart restrooms also have data space usage, hand-wash, and soap, along with smart toilet paper counters. 

Features of Smart Restroom Solution:

  • People Counting
  • Ammonia level
  • Fall detection
  • Vacancy indication

Benefits with Smart Restroom Solution:

  • Optimized Cleaning for restroom 
  • Energy-saving with optimized Heating and Air Condition for smart restroom 
  • Slow down viruses and Bacteria with good Hygiene in a smart restroom.

Following places would significantly benefit from Smart restroom solutions:

  • Healthcare institutions 
  • Shopping malls
  • Social gathering venues 
  • Transport hubs

Problems of Smart Restroom Technology:

Versatile shower mode which has largely taken the place of conventional shower devices. To solve this problem, huge investments should be made in setting up power stations and electricity distribution infrastructure. 

Smart Restroom Technology offering Smart Restroom Solution:

  • LG ThinQ Smart Washer
  • Poseidon Smart Mirror

Inspiring case studies dealing with Smart Restrooms Solutions:

  • TWM601498U
  • KR20200077133A

Key Market Players offering Smart Restroom Technology in IoT Washroom:

  • Jaquar 
  • Cera Sanitaryware Ltd.
  • Durabit AG (Germany) 
  • Bradley Corporation (US)
  • Fortune Brands (Canada)

Global Smart restroom market:

The market has been divided into various segments based on-

  • Product type
  • Connectivity 
  • End-user
  • Region

Drivers of Smart Restroom Technology:

With the inception of hi-tech and innovative technologies such as Internet of Things, the demand for automation has inclined drastically. The market of smart restrooms is anticipated to see burgeoning growth. 

The following factors are helping in boosting the market of Smart Restroom Technology:

  1. Hi-tech toilets and soaking tubs
  2. Increase in popularity of faucets 
  3. Increasing the adaptation of IoT 
  4. Growing need for restroom improvement 

Smart Products To Equipment Restroom:

There is already a huge range of products developed with a specific purpose to equip restrooms. Internet connected devices help to improve restroom maintenance and restroom use experience. All those equipments are- 

  • Soap Dispenser- A Smart Internet-Connected dispenser that ensures there is enough soap for Smart Restroom Users. It removes the amount of soap a person needs to wash their hands and it also helps to avoid wastage of soap. 
  • Availability Indicators- Red and Green light indicators notify restroom users on cubicle availability.
  • Smart Tap- A touch free tap ensures that restroom users are protected from germs and bacterias. The tap monitors water and pipes temperature and condition to alert the supervisor in case there is risk of bacteria development. 
  • Smart Cleaning System- Smart Cleaning System injects a portion of biocidal substance with every flash to kill bacteria and odors of restrooms. This system also provides information about the frequency and even the amount of toilet paper.


IT projects are popping up in the restroom. Smart Restroom technology is the form of innovative technological advancement. A kind of revolutionary innovative technological advancement is happening through Smart Restroom Technology. IP, Technology, and Market Research helps to find similar relevant technological advances in the industry. 


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