Ibuki Mioda: Why Does Ibuki Refer to Herself in the 3rd Person?

The Ultimate Musician is Ibuki Mioda, a student of Hope’s Peak Academy in Class 77-B. In the series, she is one of the participants of the Killing School Trip. This article focuses on her character, personality, and appearance. It also explores her relationship with Hiyoko. Here, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Ibuki Mioda.


The original title for the Ibuki Mioda character is “Super High School Level Light Music Club Member.” The term ‘light music’ is derived from late nineteenth century Britain, and is similar to pop music in its tenor. However, Ibuki has a strong preference for heavy metal. Her costume and jewelry are all made of black, white, and blue, and her hair is usually tied in a bun.

Ibuki is a bold personality and wears her heart on her sleeve. She breaks the fourth wall and references her status as a video game character. She is extremely talkative and has a large vocabulary. She is also a member of the SHSL light music club. Although she is a rather boisterous character, she has a subdued side around friends. She is also prone to getting moody and depressed, but that’s not to say that she’s a wretched person.


The personality of Ibuki Mioda is characterized by a high level of energy, being very talkative, and an interest in people. Ibuki is also prone to panic attacks, but this is usually unavoidable. She also has a penchant for breaking fourth walls. However, while these characteristics are a good fit for a character with her personality type, they also make her prone to anxiety and frustration.

The personality of Ibuki Mioda is also quite unique. She’s a member of the SHSL light music club, and is a very brave and outgoing person. She believes in her dreams, and she often makes them come true. In fact, she even expresses her love to some of the other girls, and this is one of the many ways she proves that she has a strong sense of self-worth.


The second series of the anime focuses on the character Ibuki Mioda. In the manga, she is the girl next door to Mikan. She is shy, but demonstrates a beautiful smile. In the anime, she is more outgoing and is usually seen with Mikan. However, she does have a shy side, so she teases Mikan to get her attention. The two have a great friendship, and they get along well. Ibuki also teases Mikan a lot because he is scared of her music, which is a great source of entertainment. Nevertheless, despite the misunderstanding, Mikan still shows a concern for her, and they are often seen celebrating on the ship together.

Ibuki Mioda has a very unique personality. She is one of the more cheerful students in class, and she loves to talk. She often goes off on random tangents, and is known to write notes so she can remember the things she talks about. She also has a tendency to get very upset and break the fourth wall, especially when she gets upset. She often breaks the fourth wall and talks back to herself and her classmates. She has an odd habit of repeating things after she’s upset, and is very expressive when she is angry or scared.

Relationship with Hiyoko

In the anime, Ibuki Mioda’s romantic relationship with Hiyoko starts out as a friendship. Ibuki is the prince’s girlfriend. He will often call other girls cute, express his love for them, and cuddle them. However, Ibuki has many problems with relationships. She is outgoing, loud, and rude. Hiyoko feels left out when Ibuki wants to hang out with her friends.

Hiyoko Saionji and Ibuki Mioda are best friends in the manga. They were best friends in high school, where they played soccer together and made plans to go to college. They are also best friends with Mahiru Koizumi, Mikan Tsumiki, and Sato. In Chapter 3 of the anime, they are shown dancing together and playing guitar, and later, they are romantically linked.

Role in first trial

Ibuki Mioda is a naive and enigmatic boy who is best friends with Mikan Tsumiki, the other victim of the Despair Disease. Although both have a somewhat self-destructive personality, Ibuki teases Mikan for his aloof nature and dislikes his music. The two friends are close to one another throughout the manga, and they are shown celebrating together on the ship after the first trial.

Ibuki’s Japanese name Ibuki means sole breath. This could be interpreted to mean that Ibuki died by strangulation. Her surname, however, is Ling Tian, which means rice field on a waterway. The four kanji in her name represent the four main protagonists of K-On! Ibuki also shares her birthday with Yui Hirasawa.

Relationship with Teruteru

Ibuki’s relationship with Teruteru is a complex one that includes the two being friends with the same goals. Their relationship is based on mutual respect and admiration for one another. Teruteru considers Ibuki’s behavior perverted. Teruteru, on the other hand, finds Ibuki attractive. They share a similar love for cooking and the same hate for perverts.

Final Words:

The two begin dating when Teruteru asks Ibuki out for a date. Ibuki tells Teruteru that she can help him with his plans. The two then go to a club where Teruteru has organized a party. Teruteru has prepared many dishes for the party. Ibuki also makes some food for the party. She then makes a suggestion to Teruteru to wait inside the club while the other members of the group get a chance to talk to her.

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