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In this article, I’ll talk about Drew Starkey’s portrayal of Rafe Cameron, and the story behind his character. I’ll discuss his relationship with his father, his attempt to kill Sarah, and his need for acceptance. I’ll also touch on some of his other character traits, such as his love of books. Despite my criticisms, I do believe that Starkey has a solid grasp on Rafe, and it shows in this article.

Drew Starkey’s portrayal of rafe cameron

In the television show Outer Banks, Drew Starkey plays the role of a troubled man named Rafe Cameron. Rafe is the son of Ward and Sarah Cameron and older brother of Wheezie. While Rafe is supposed to inherit the family business, he instead dropped out of college and became addicted to cocaine. He then became a drug dealer and started dealing to fellow Kooks.

The character of Rafe Cameron is based on the real-life Rafe Dimmitt, who was supposed to inherit the Cameron family business. His real name is Rafe Dimmitt, and he was born on 12/14/1961. Although Drew Starkey is a relatively young actor, his career has already established him as one of the most popular TV actors.

His relationship with his father

His relationship with his father is complicated. His father was always busy and rarely had time for Eliezer. Eliezer’s father, a respected community leader, did not show much emotion. Eliezer felt guilty about eating his food instead of giving it to his father. Slowly, the two men grow apart. Nevertheless, Eliezer does not give up on his father and stays by his side to help him fight dysentery.

Night examines the father-son relationship in many ways. First of all, it shows that the father’s role in a son’s development is significant. According to Freud, the father’s inadequacy influences the son’s behavior. Secondly, Stephen Biddulph, a child psychologist, believes that a son needs his father to serve as a role model. After all, to become a good man, you must know a good man.

His relationship with his sister

Rafe Cameron’s relationship with his younger sister, Sarah, was complicated and troubled. Though the two went to the same school, Rafe didn’t make any new friends while Sarah was at school. Instead, they hung out at recess and lunch together. While Rafe tried to make friends, he eventually stopped caring about Sarah when she had her own friends. In the end, he had to let Sarah go out with her friends and make new friends for herself.

In fact, Rafe’s relationship with Sarah was complicated, even though he adored his little brother. While his relationship with his sister was strained, the relationship between the siblings was a source of resentment for both of them. Even Wheezie was suspicious of Rafe, but she tried to keep a straight face and try to make the conversation casual. Despite her suspicions, Rafe never acknowledged his love for his sister.

His attempts to kill Sarah

During the first episode of Outer Banks Season 2 (also known as “The Gold Rush”), Sarah and John B are trying to steal the gold from the Royal Merchant. Their plan is not successful, but they make an unlikely ally in the form of Cleo. The two women work together to help each other escape. After getting away, the duo return to the U.S., where their relationship is strained by the events of the season.

Final Words:

The father of Rafe Cameron and Sarah always tries to convince their daughter not to go with John B. While they both love their sons, they have different opinions about the relationship between them. The father, however, favors his son Rafe. It was Rafe who almost killed his daughter Sarah when she refused to go with John B. The two were trying to save Sarah when John B and his friends escaped on a boat. When Ward’s men found them, the Pogues fled on the boat. Rafe attempted to shoot the boat while it was sailing away. While he missed the target, he looked frustrated at himself for not knowing what to do.

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