How Does Quality Scores Affect Google Ads

How Does Quality Scores Affect Google Ads

If you have a website and want to grow your quality score and rank as well then you will have to focus on many important things. If the quality scores will be good and your website will automatically rank as well in Google. Moreover, through the good quality scores all your customers will get the best search experiences through your site and ads as well.

Besides that, quality scores affect Google ads and improve everything and provide useful contents to the audiences as well. If you are wishing to be masters in PPC especially in Google ads then you will have to understand or need to understand everything about quality score.

What Is Quality Score?

The quality score is actually a rating that is provided by Google depending on the keywords and relevance with the Google ads. The quality score determines the CPC. On the other hand, in the auction processes, it helps to determine the ad rank as well. However, there are numerous factors which help the quality score to be better.

Moreover, ad campaign quality score gets improved by following few factors which are

The click through rate

Relevance of keyword to its ad group

Relevance and quality of landing page

Relevance of ad text

Google ads historical performance

All these things offer rewards like higher ranking and lower costs as well. No other person will understand these things about Google if he or she does not have the ideas about this ad campaign quality score and other related things with this.

Benefits of Improving Google Quality Score

Numerous researches on PPC accounts said that quality score has straight collaboration of your Google ads and Microsoft ads as well. The quality score decides the higher return of investment as well. It is all about how many times the audience clicks the ads that are running on Google and how much relevance the keywords have with the ads as well.

Besides that a higher quality score helps in both low cost per click and cost per conversion rate as well. Moreover, the higher quality scores are also another way of saying that PPC ads meet the audiences’ desire as well. The more your reach to the needs of the audiences the less google will charge for the ad clicks.

How Do You Increase Your Google Ads Quality Score?

The higher quality score of Google ads and Microsoft ads decide how many times and where ads will appear. However, it is important to boost your ranking and you can do it by giving attention to a few things. The important key factors are

1. Keyword Research

To improve your ad campaign quality score, first you will have to research keywords very well. The keywords are the thing that will help the audiences to reach your website and by this process you can increase your Google ads quality scores as well.

2. Keyword Organization

After that, you will have to give all your focus on organization of those keywords as well. If your keywords will not be organized then the audiences will not find your landing pages satisfied as well.  

3. Refining Ad Text

One of the best ways to improve the Google ads quality scores is by giving more importance to the CTR. The more the CTR will be the more your rank gets better as well.  

4. Optimizing Landing Pages

Besides that, you will have to optimize the landing pages from time to time and to offer the audiences the best services when they will open your website. Hence, improve your page landing and optimize as well.

5. Adding Negative Keywords

Lastly, you will have to add relevant keywords with your main keywords. Moreover, search out negative keywords and exclude them to increase the quality scores.


Hence, these are things that will help to increase the ad campaign quality score and ranking as well. 


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