A Comparative Look at Keratin vs Smoothing Hair Treatment

A Comparative Look at Keratin vs Smoothing Hair Treatment

While hair care products help with the maintenance of your hair, with hair fall and pollution. It may end up brittle and frizzy. To control that most women opt for keratin hair treatment. It ensures that your hair remains shiny, healthy and happy. Moreover, it repairs damage and adds an extra layer of protein over the strands. Hence it remains protected from outside damage. 

Many people confuse keratin treatments for smoothing hair. Here we will have a detailed discussion over the differences between the both. While the hair salon app offers both, you need to understand what you need the most. 

Differences between Keratin and Smoothing hair treatments

First and foremost we need to steer clear of the fact that both provide the same result. While on the outside, it may look the same. On the inside there are many things are differ keratin hair treatment from smoothing the hair. 

  1. Keratin naturally replenishes hair condition while smoothening does not

Keratin is basically protein. Our hair is made up of this protein. What we are doing during this treatment is adding more of its component. This is the nutrient that is missing thus leaving you will dull hair. Smoothing the hair means that there the component is not in fact protein. 

After you do keratin hair treatment, you will notice softer hair. This is because it naturally conditions your hair. Smoothing of hair would control the frizz but will not condition it. 

  1. You would notice healthier hair with protein-based keratin treatment

Since the main component of keratin is protein, it means that it is filling the missing gaps. These gaps in the strand are the cause of brittle hair which sometimes may lead to hair breakage. As soon as you do a keratin treatment you will feel the difference. It fills up the gap that makes your hair appear dead. 

  1. Both have different durations for the process and longevity

While keratin treatments are also found as hair masks, smoothing on the other hand has two-three steps. Even when you book an online hair salon, you will see them bringing in straighteners and whatnot. 

After the smoothing mask, you will have to sit there while it dries and then washes it off. Then, they will apply a serum and then straighten it. With keratin treatment, you just need to apply it, wait and massage and then wash it off. 

  1. Smoothing treatments is less costly than keratin treatments

The involvement of so many products and human effort leads to expensive smoothing treatment. But since keratin treatments are basically protein treatments and they require more than one session depending on your hair. Hence it might cost a little more than smoothing treatments. 

  1. The process of aftercare is more complex with keratin hair treatment

When it comes to the smoothing process, you may have to sit straight for a couple of hours without moving your hair. However, with keratin treatment under the hair salon app, you have to book several sessions. After you are done, you will always have to keep your hair tangle-free and conditioned. Even though the process is more complex than usual, it is still worth it. 

How to take care of your hair after getting a keratin hair treatment?

Now that you are finished with your keratin hair treatment from your favorite hair salon app, it is time to maintain that shine and smoothness. Here are some tips that will help you achieve that: 

  • Comb with detanglers on wet hair

You get a specific type of comb that will help you detangle your hair. Wet hair especially is prone to breakage. Hence with detanglers, you can avoid breakage and it will keep your hair straight and sorted. 

  • Wash your hair well after using hairstyling products

Make sure that you do not have any residue products. That includes products like heat sprays and glitter, hair wax. Even if you have hair masks on, make sure you wash them properly with cool water. Even you apply things like hair growth lotions, you need to get rid of them properly. This applies to herbal things like aloe vera gel.

  • Use a leave-in conditioner after treatment on your damp hair

To secure the nutrition that keratin treatments provide, you need to add a layer. This work is done best by leave-in conditioners. After your regular hair wash routine, apply your leave-in conditioner on damp hair. This will lock the moisture and help you achieve great results. 

Why should you get keratin hair treatment?

Even with more money, many women do keratin hair treatment. Why is this popular and what makes it worth it? Thus we will discuss the benefits further: \

  • You can manage your thick or frizzy hair better after this treatment

Yes, you can manage frizzy hair after this treatment, because you will have none. You will have smooth and straight hair which, despite its difficulties is very easy to manage. 

  • Your hair would grow more in volume and faster

What this treatment does is fill the gaps wherein you need protein.  Due to its lack, your hair did not only lose its luster but also may cause hair problems. Since it adds protein to your hair you will get a boost in your hair growth.

  • You would notice fewer split ends and get healthier hair

The reason why split ends happen is that the ends require more nutrition. The natural oils from your scalp do not reach the ends and hence it appears dead. With keratin treatment, the ends will also get moisture and nutrition. Hence there will be fewer split ends. 

  • The appearance of smooth hair would last a long period

Since your hair is healing, you will feel your hair getting healthier and better. Thus it will also retain the shine and the silkiness for a longer time. 


Having a good day is the dream of every woman. Imagine having that for the next few months. That means no styling products and frizz control serums. Keratin treatment by hair salon app booking is the best way to gain great-looking and healthier hair. 


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