5 Best water sports to do in Kerala

5 Best water sports to do in Kerala

Kerala is a heavenly town with a magical sunset and splendid water hues. For a long time, tourists from all over the world have been drawn to this city because of its tropical ambiance, gushing waterfall, and exotic backdrop. You can indulge in the houseboat that will take you to the offbeat canals and lush green dense forest. Endowed with a plethora of amazing activities and scenic beauty. Kerala is a splendor that every nature lover and serenity seeker yearn for. However, Kerala is limited to not just splendid scenic beauty, but it has plenty of things to serve beyond it. You can enjoy thrilling activities that add good memories and new experiences to your trip. Try kayaking, surfing, rafting, catamaran sailing and many more. Below is a list of 5 such activities that you must include in your Kerala holiday package


Kayaking is one of the easiest yet most thrilling ways to embrace adventure. Be it at an enchanting lake or gushing river, the experience you extract from this sport is unmatched.

This sport is all about paddling. To reach in the opposite direction while simultaneously alluring the charming backdrop. It is everything required to be an adventure seeker that needs a soul-stirring experience.

The best time to indulge in kayaking is in December, January, and February, when the weather is pleasant and chill. Alleppey, Munnar, Kohi, and Thekkady are some of the best places where you must try kayaking.


There is no doubt that Kerala has the most incredibly beautiful waves, and the fame for surfing has increased lately. More and more people are allowing themselves to learn surfing as it has become more than a thrilling activity for them–it has become a lifestyle for people. It also attracts many tourists for its wobbling coconut trees and serene ambiance.

You can begin surfing with local people at the Kovalam surfing club; if you want to experience surfing with high waves, you can make your way to the Vakaral surfing school Kerala. Hawah beach and Cherai beach also have the most vibrant vibes for surfing. Lastly, the dazzling Poovar beach located in Thiruvananthapuram is perfect for surfing. 


If you are looking forward to a power-pack adrenaline rush, if you want adventure in the calming water, make your way through the crushing waves by opting for rafting. This adventurous sport is thrilling and takes you through the deep Canel of water and lush green scenic vista. If you are a beginner in river rafting, you are recommended to start the voyage at Chalitzah jungle; you will be enthralled by the pristine and tranquil beauty of the places. 

River Tejaswini in Kunar is another enchanting place for river rafting in Kerala. The incredibly energetic waves will leave you super-thrilled and satisfied. Moreover, if you plan to be in Kerala, do not forget to add this adventure sport to your itinerary.

Catamaran Sailing

A catamaran is a conventional fishing boat commonly used by Kerala’s fishing community. The catamaran is like a small fishing boat that looks similar to a yacht, the only difference being it has a hull on both sides. This sport demands both agility and balance over the waves. The two overlapping hulls assist the vessel in cruising through the pristine backwaters. Catamarans are now outfitted with modern propellers to make sailing easier. Alappuzha, Kovalam, and Varkala are just a few of the breathtaking locations in Kerala where this adventure sport is practiced.

Bamboo Rafting

Rafting in the rapid raging water is undoubtedly the most unmatched experience. However, rafting with bamboo involves another level of thrill and adventure. You will feel the soft touch of a cold breeze on your face as you indulge in this sport. Bamboo rafting is fun-filled and adventurous; it also requires some guidance and training before one dives into it. You can easily hire a trained expert at almost every location in Kerala who will help accomplish the thrill it offers. Moreover, Walkthrough narrow pathways to get the best views of the lush-green bushland that envelops the area, as well as the lofty mountains that surround your stay here. Enthrall with family and friends in this amazing bamboo rafting and make the most out of your trip.


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