3 Netflix Christmas Movies You Need To Watch

3 Netflix Christmas Movies You Need To Watch

There are two types of movie fanatics during the holiday season – the first ones are the people, who are ever ready for a family movie night to get into that holiday mood, and then there are the rebels who watch Christmas-themed movies whenever the mood strikes, regardless of what time of the year it is. No matter what type of movie fanatic you are, if you are looking was something delightful to watch during the best time of the year we have got you covered. We have compiled a list of Christmas-themed movies available on the best streaming platform, Netflix.

Netflix is the go-to streaming platform for all Christmas classics like The Holiday and White Christmas as well as original content like Jingle Jangle, Holidate, and The Princess Switch: Switched Again. Get ready to brew up a delicious cup of cocoa, cozy up under your favorite blanket, and settle in for a fun night of funny, rom-com Christmas-themed movies and some animated movie fun that will definitely be a hit for the whole family. You can also enjoy watching some of these holiday movies on TV but make sure you have subscribed to a DISH Channel Package so that you can access as many channels as you wish.

With that being said, Netflix still gives users the opportunity to view different Christmas movies whenever they want. Listed below are the best Christmas movies on Netflix that you can enjoy watching with your loved ones this holiday season,

  • Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey

In the vibrant and glorious town of Cobble town resides a toymaker and inventor known as Jeronicus Jangle, who also owns a very popular toy shop Jangles and Things. The toymaker manages to create a special matador doll, called Don Juan Diego. The creation of this doll is said to change the life of Jeronicus’s family but as he leaves to celebrate his invention, his trusted apprentice, Gustafson steals the idea of the matador doll. Now it lays on the shoulders of the toy maker’s talented granddaughter who alongside a long-forgotten invention attempts to reawaken the magic within and heal old wounds. The movie will most likely put all the family members in a merry mood as it contains all elements of a magical Christmas.

  • Just Another Christmas

Do you have a Christmas hater in your family? This movie may be the right fit for them. A family man named Jorge hates Christmas and much to his annoyance was born on Christmas. Jorge is stuck in a time loop where he wakes up on Christmas every year with no memory of the year prior. As time goes by, with Jorge waking up every new Christmas holiday, he learns some shocking things about his life which makes him question a lot of things. This movie teaches some extremely important lessons about life, love, and family making it a fit for a family Christmas movie night.

  • Let It Snow

This movie is based on a novel with the same name. The movie beautifully narrates a couple of stories, which eventually leads to bringing all the people from different stories together because of a snowstorm. As they are stuck together a few new things are revealed adding a twist to the movie.

This movie adds a romantic touch as well as gives some comic relief this holiday season. But make sure you keep an open mind while watching this one as it was heavily critiqued and was compared to some old Christmas movies like Love Actually.

Wrapping Up

Movie marathons are a great way to celebrate the holiday season, especially when you are planning on staying in and celebrating Christmas with family and a few friends. The above-mentioned movies are some of the best Christmas movies of recent times available on Netflix. You can watch all of them or at least one of them on Christmas night to get into that merry mood. 


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