The life of visual (VR) and augmented reality (AR) is not far, with extended reality (XR) tech working its way up. There will be a time when the vision between reality and the virtual world becomes blurred. 

Now, we are already envisioning the growth of virtual reality tech, which is inducing growth towards Augmented Reality. The day is not far that both are the reality of our lives, becoming part of it just as the internet has. 

The internet is no longer a commodity of want but a need. Our daily lives depend on it. Internet brands like AT&T, Cox, Spectrum, Mediacom, and many more are on this list. They make it possible for all of us to stay connected, keep our work and daily task on the checklist and help us watch or stream relaxing content. For example, after a busy day at work where you have to send e-mails, work on Google Docs, use various software, you come to me to watch a relaxing show on Netflix or one of the NFL games through Mediacom, an ISP that is reliable and always has your back.

The future tech like AR will also depend on the internet for communications and sending over data and information for AR and VR to work. But here we’ll be discussing the advent of AR in our lives on a specific note. 

AR- Is It The Holy Grail Of Our Future

The AR that will take over will be the “Persistent AR”, which refers to the persistence of AR with geolocation and will help to anchor objects to certain places where people can connect to it. This will work through the internet and thus communication and information passage will shorten by a lot –enough to be called unlimited speed. 

People will have AR and certain pets that will also help to identify and know where your AR pet is, but this will only be possible at a certain space –called the coordinates.

Society will move on, towards a new era beyond the present screens that we hold. The interface will no longer be flat or made of glass but will not hold a physical body rather augmentation into 3D spaces that will be able to move around with people. 

 We will be amazed at how at some time people used to bump around when they had their faces buried, or not know which area has traffic, or having to look up repeatedly when cooking while watching a YouTube, etc. These are minor changes, which AR will bring into our lives. The major ones would happen to affect the economies and the overall society. 

AR Will Make Large Scale Changes To:

  1. AR For Handheld Devices
  2. AR For Retail
  3. AR For Remote Assistance
  4. Navigation With AR
  5. Events Powered By AR
  6. Automation In Every Area
  7. Changes In Education
  8. Architectural Changes
  9. Lifestyle Changes
  10. Entertainment & Games

The companies both public and private make the economy and thus many companies are upsizing towards having more tech flexibility and adaption towards new tech continuously. These companies are investing in tech and will be able to hold VR and AR in the future. We can imagine Google already being on top with the making of HoloGlass and HoloLens which are wearable but display augmented reality and are available but for companies –a given as the price is too hefty to make it on a large scale. However, it’s no longer in the imagination but a possibility that we can all see coming true in the near years. 

The AR will affect lives when it is available on large scale. This would be possible when it is possible to bring in mass production and testing. It is however part of human life and will shape our future. AR and VR help to live life and do everything most realistically, such as talking to friends with the help of wearable during taking a jog with no distortion and no interference and an image, like being at the walk and the friend at the same time. 

Conclusive Note

In short, AR will help to enhance our lives. It will become an experience of the people and will take away from us the smartphone to make our whole lives smarter. 

The major and positive change will be the economical and education sector. There will also be an enhancement in the financial and security system. Imagine tech so powerful, it does not just detect your fingerprint but your DNA through fast analysis and speedy memory scan through already present data. There will be no chances of getting your bank robbed or any store for that matter. But individually it will bring the same change for the security of people. For example, someone is a stranger to the system which will not let them in at the main entrance, which reduces chances of terror attacks and criminal acts, the same can be implemented in the home. 

This will indeed enhance our simple life but how far until this becomes our reality. This is a question we all want an answer too but surely it is not that far. 


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