What To Do When Facing Problems In Logging In Webmail?

In the infancy of the internet, email was an essential tool. Businesses and individuals relied on the fast speed of instant messaging to keep in touch with friends and colleagues. Now, however, emails have become a cause of stress for many. Not just because of spam filters or jostling over slow connection speeds. It’s that people are getting fewer messages in their inboxes every day, especially from businesses.

That’s where webmail software comes into play. It’s a way to overcome the problems of email. While still having the ability to read and receive email messages from other people, you can organize and sort those messages into a central location. So whether you use your PC, your laptop, your mobile device, or even a smartphone…you will be able to log into your email account from any computer, with any network, and at any time.

Why Is Webmail An Excellent Solution?

This ability to be located anywhere and at any time makes webmail an excellent solution for many people. But it can cause other problems, too. With the possibility of losing contact with long-time friends and colleagues, or worse, your children being unable to contact you, webmail can create its own set of headaches.

When a problem arises, one of the first things you might try is to fix your webmail. The problem may lie with the email server or with the email client you’re using. First, you’ll need to look through your software preferences to see which program is causing the problem. If you can’t figure it out on your own, there are several troubleshooting guides you can read online.

SMTP Server

Problems with webmail tend to involve the SMTP server of your email provider. Your email software probably has an option to check your email locally or by using a POP/SMTP server. Suppose you receive messages that are not correctly received or multiple messages in quick succession that are all sent to an incorrect address. In that case, you probably have an issue with your email software. If you’ve just installed new software, it’s possible that a setting doesn’t allow it to use the SMTP server by default. You’ll need to find this option and change it to fit your needs.

Forget Username Or Password

A more common problem you might encounter is that you cannot log in because you don’t remember your username and password. If this is the case, then the best thing you can do is change your email address on your webmail. First, go to your account’s preferences, then click on the “Change” link under “Email Address and passwords.” It may be easier to type in your current username than to type in a completely new one.

When changing your email address, you should ensure that your webmail provider updates it to the new address. Most providers will provide a link on their site to do this. If they don’t, then you’ll need to go onto the provider’s website, then onto your account. You can then change it manually. If you’re unable to log in to your account, then you’ll need to call them and speak to a customer support representative.


There’s another option if you’re unable to log in to your account: Use a virtual private server (VPS). VPS makes it possible for you to have only one website (your email account) behind a single physical server. All your websites, applications, and data is stored on that one server, giving you the ability to run everything from one terminal. This is the most secure way to keep your data safe from hackers who may want to access it, but it’s also the most expensive option.

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