Upholstery Staple Gun and its Application

Upholstery Staple Gun and its Application

Upholstery is the art of covering furniture such as bedding, stuffing seating, armchairs and sofas with soft padded textile, leather fabric. Upholstery was being practiced in early Egypt at the begging of the renaissance. The Egyptians would nail animal skins or dress leather across a rigid framework. Gradually they developed the craft to include padding, cushions and pillows stuffed with either horsehair or goose down.

There were no sophisticated tools like upholstery guns to fix the fabrics; instead, they perfected in needlework. Upholstery technology was revalorized in the 20th century with synthetic fiber, plywood, dirt and liquid retardants and molded sponge rubber, which brought up new springing, covering materials and cushioning. Staple guns were introduced to fix this upholstery and make working easier.

Upholstery staple gun

A staple gun is a machine used to drive heavy metal staples into plastic, wood or masonry and is a hand held. The guns can come in different types and varieties as they can be used in many applications and fix various materials such as roofing, wiring, insulation, carpeting, craft materials, and upholstery.

For upholstery, an upholstery staple gun is used.

A good quality upholstery staple gun will efficiently secure your fabric and the materials used in the upholstery process. In choosing the right upholstery staple gun, there are basic needs to consider: the thickness of the material being stapled and the hardness of the wood. Where the material is thicker, the longer the staple leg should be to tighten the fabric into the wood.

In carpentry and woodworking projects, something more powerful and tightening works best. Some carpenters use glue to tighten then staple with an upholstery staple gun to reinforce.

There are numerous advantages of owning a staple gun as they have countless uses around the house.

What upholstery staple guns can be used for

Upholstery projects:

A staple gun gives solutions to your upholstery work in the house. One can use a manual upholstery gun for minor work, while it is advisable to use electric or pneumatic staple guns for intense work. A staple gun allows you to fix fabrics and linen into your furniture without creases. The gun can fit perfectly.

An upholstery gun works on various materials like wood, leather, fabric and leather.

Upholstery can ideally be used in the house to tufting a chair, skirting a table, or revamp an old sofa.

Flooring work:

you can ideally use a Staple gun to install carpets and tack them on the floor. As long as you have your staple gun at home, calling a carpenter or professional is no need. There is less chance of damaging your carpet as staples are ideal for carpeting as they don’t use a lot of pressure on carpets.

Minor woodwork:

Even in minor woodworks, one has to make some drilling and holes to fix; thankfully, staples can go through wood, making the working more accessible.

Decorative purposes:

Redesigning your living room can be made relatively more accessible by the use of staple guns. One can create a frame for art and make party decorations even on windy days.

Construction work:

When constructing something simple like a pet or birdhouse, you can use an upholstery staple gun. You can instead use Higher duty b construction in large jobs for fastening jobs. These jobs are such as fixing ceiling, padding and screening.

There are different staple guns, ranging from Manual staples guns, electric staple guns and pneumatic staple guns.

Manual staple guns involve manual labor and don’t require external power sources. The staples are easy to load. These staple guns are usually used for less intense work as the staples can jam while in the middle of a task.

Electric staple guns

This type of staple gun relies on electricity or batteries to function. They use a power bottom to operate hence much easier on arms and can staple much faster.

These guns are perfect for large projects; they are relatively expensive and need a lot of accuracies when aiming.

Pneumatic staple guns

They are the most powerful of the three and are used on heavy-duty works. They can be used with nails but are very noisy.


It is an excellent investment to have a staple gun at home for your minor household work. Among the three types of staple guns, an upholstery gun is the most convenient to have. With carpets, sofas and ceilings in the house, you got a compelling reason to purchase an upholstery staple gun simply because it makes working easier and lets you fix and make repairs around the house.


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