Top Tips on Negotiating a Used Car: What You Should Know

When you have your mind set on replacing your old vehicle, you have more than a few options to choose from – among them is whether you’re going to buy new or used. There has been a lot of debate in favor of used cars in recent years because it’s easier to find used cars that are just a few years old – which can give a lot of value for your money. Buying a used vehicle nowadays also gives you more options, and some used cars are still under warranty (or an extended one). But the best part about buying used is that you have more room to negotiate – and sellers, whether private sellers or dealerships – are willing and open to negotiating a better sale price or other deals. So what should you know in terms of negotiating a vehicle? Here are some top tips. 

  • Know what you want 

The first step to getting a good deal is knowing what kind of car you want. Yes, you can wander randomly around the lot and look for a vehicle that interests you, but there’s also a big chance that your chosen car is not the right match for you. Therefore, it pays to do research first and have a list of potential vehicles before you visit a dealership so you will already have a good idea of what you want – and can negotiate for it. You can even check online first – while dealerships often update their websites regularly, it’s best to know beforehand if they have the car/s you are looking for so you don’t have to waste time visiting the dealer if the car you want is not there. If you are looking for a used car in Utah, look for a local dealership and a specific car first and check if the dealership has it – or has something similar in the same price range. 

  • Know the resale value of the car

While having a list of potential cars is all well and good, you can go one step further and find out what it’s worth. Once you are interested in a specific make and model, research the car’s value on Kelly Blue Book or Edmunds. Again, you can get a lot of detail and information about the car/s you are interested in, and the price will be adjusted according to where you live. 

  • Think about cars with high volume 

If you want to save more on your car purchase, here’s one tip: check for a popular model that is always available because this gives you more variety – and purchasing power. If you aren’t too particular about a car or make and model, think about autos with high volume. You should be able to find a vehicle with the proper specifications. If there’s something you don’t like or disagree with, you can always negotiate with another dealership or seller. 

  • Check the car’s records and history

A history report and a car’s service records may not provide the full details of your vehicle’s past, but they will still help you get an idea of its life – and the care it received. When you can check the maintenance records of a vehicle, it can be an essential bargaining tool.

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