Top Five Treks In Himachal Pradesh

Top Five Treks In Himachal Pradesh


Trekking is an adventure activity undertaken by many. From first-timers to adept trekkers, adventure seekers go on a journey to experience minimal life amidst the supreme natural beauty of mountains, valleys, lakes and flora. To find peace and discover the rich culture along with quotidian practices of the locals during the time of climbing.

In search of the ‘best’ trekking experience away from mundane and close to something surreal, many find themselves applauding treks offered by the Northern state of India, Himachal Pradesh.

Well known for its trekking, hiking and skiing sites, Himachal Pradesh is a state home to some mighty peaks with panoramic views and hints of diverse population and culture everywhere.

Top Five Treks In Himachal Pradesh that would serve trekking enthusiasts just right are—

Hampta Pass trek

Located in Himachal Pradesh at an altitude of 14,039ft, Hampta Pass trek is very like of Valley of Flowers which embraces rich grasslands, alpine meadows of conifer forest, rock walls, crystal streams, falling waterfalls with white noise, steep glaciers and the list goes on. Dynamic as it is, It has two sides to it. One side has the parched, barren landscape and rocky mountains of Lahaul while the other side beholds colourful flowers, green valley of Kullu. The climb kicks off from the popular town Manali with a trekking length of 35 km and stays for about 4 nights and 5 days. Hampta Pass during the monsoons is like a cherry on a cake as it flushes the area with exquisiteness. It welcomes trekkers from mid-June to September and has a level of difficulty grade as moderate which excites many to experience the scenery and a dramatic climb.

Pin Parvati Pass

At an altitude of 17,400 ft., Pin Parvati Pass is one of the highest altitudes and most scenic treks in the Himalayas. It is known that the first who crossed it was by Sir Louis Dane back in  August of 1884 in search of an alternate route to the Spiti valley. Pin Parvati Pass trek is all about steep slopes, snow cap mountains, beautiful landscapes, valleys, Buddhist villages and old temples or just everything that enthrals trekkers the most. Radical changes from the chilly, arid and tough mountain desert region of Spiti to grassy landscapes, flora and fauna matching with the bright blue sky area in Parvati Valley arrests the attention of every visitor. Pin Parvati Pass gets graded as difficult. It covers a distance of 110km and spans for about 9 days. The best time to plan a trek here is from July to September with the temperature between 16°C to 20°C during day hours and 0°C to 4°C at night time.

Kinnaur Kailash Shivling

In the state of Himachal Pradesh, Kinner Kailash is a mountain in the Kinnaur district that is raised above the ground with a height of 17200 ft. Both Hindus and Buddhists Kinnauris hold it as sacred with their own mythological tales and beliefs. To Tibetian Buddhists, Kinner Kailash is home to the tantric meditational deity Demchog and according to Hindu mythological tales, it is the abode of Lord Shiva where he resides with the Goddess Parvati.

It is one of the most challenging treks of the Himalayas and owes its beauty from 3 of the world’s most mighty mountain chains, namely- the Zanskar, the Greater Himalayas, and the Dhauladhar that makes trekking here not everyone’s cup of tea. The maximum altitude is 17,200ft and the trek can take about 2-3 days.  On a clear day Shivling, a rock that changes colours throughout the day, can be seen. The temperature gets chilly at night hours and ranges from 5°C to -5°C while at day time it can charge up to 18°C to 10°C.

Beas Kund

Beas Kund has a trekking height of 12,772ft and has always been a very commonly known trek around Manali. It is much more than just trekking when the tales while camping, stargazing, freely flowing river, rich grasslands and the magical view of mountain Pir Panjal introduce themselves one by one during the hike. The core beauty of the region Emerald lake out of which the river Beas surfaces is another reason why this trek tops the list of trekkers. The climb sets off from around 8,000 ft at the start of the trek and hikes over 12,000 ft. The difficulty grade of the trek depends and can be easy to moderate so, get your backpack up and pace forth with no hesitation. To lock the mesmerizing views of extraordinary mountains of Manali like Friendship Peak, Shitidhar, Ladakhi, and Hanuman Tibba you have to dauntlessly climb up to an altitude of 3,810 meters. Beas Kund Trek takes around 3 days and the trek starts from Old Manali and ends at Solang Valley.

Bhrigu Lake

Bhrigu Lake is elevated at a height of 14,100ft, one of the best weekend treks near the popularly known Rohtang pass in Himachal Pradesh state. It is a high altitude trek that serves best to the thrill enthusiasts. By its captivating Himalayan views, lush meadows, alpine lake and fascinating colour changing lake it attracts trekkers towards its unearthly beauty and adventures.

Bhrigu Lake changes colours with each passing season as if literally feeling them. In summer, it can be observed as emerald green whereas in summers it cools the surroundings with the colour blue. This trek is nested in Himachal Pradesh, around 20 km north of Manali and can be approached from Gulaba. Bhrigu Lake trek distance is 26km with an easy to moderate mark of difficulty. So, What are you waiting for?

These were our Top 5 Treks In Himachal Pradesh. Hope you have a good, safe and entrancing trek experience.


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