The Life of Justin Goldsby

Justin Goldsby

Justin Goldsby has had a difficult and turbulent life. His mother became a drug addict when he was a child, and he was placed in ten different foster homes. At the age of 22, he was transferred to a prison in New Jersey, where he was a prison inmate.

Entertainment Industry

Justin and Niecko Goldsby are related. They are 42 years old and work in the entertainment industry. The cousins have both made it big. Their mothers are drug addicts. The two were abused as children, and they spent many years in foster care. Eventually, they were adopted by a family, but their mothers reconnected and started using drugs again. This led to their arrest and subsequent sentences in prison.

Long Criminal History

Goldsby has a long criminal history, including numerous arrests. The most recent charge he was convicted of was murdering his younger sister. The two were involved in a relationship that was undetected by prison screeners. The attack was caught on camera, and Goldsby and Munger later apologized to the victim’s family. Before being arrested for this crime, Goldsby had been placed in 10 different foster homes as a child. He had also been arrested for a drug offense. The state transferred him to Airway Heights prison.

Drug Addicts

Both Goldsby siblings were born to drug addicts. Justin Goldsby’s mother had a history of violence, and the pair were placed in foster homes when they were young. Justin Goldsby raped another child and injured a girl. His biological mother later reconnected with the boys and he was sentenced to 25 years in jail. Justin Goldsby was arrested at age 22, and transferred to Airway Heights prison.

Abusing Correctional

Justin Goldsby, Niecko Goldsby, and Justin Goldsby have long criminal records. Goldsby has served several prisons for crimes that include abusing correctional officers and stealing a car. He was scheduled to transfer to Airway Heights Correctional Center in June 2020. After he was convicted, Goldsby apologized to the victims’ families, and was transferred to state prison.

Justin Goldsby’s family says he did not intentionally hurt Munger. They say the incident is unrelated to the alleged murder. However, they do not dispute that they are inmates of the Airway Heights Correctional Center. They also claim the alleged victim did not know Goldsby before the incident and that he was convicted of a crime he did not commit.

Justin Goldsby was abused as a child, and spent several years in foster care. During his juvenile years, he was convicted of rape and stabbed another child. After serving his time, he apologized to the victims’ families and cellmates.


Justin Goldsby’s criminal record is even more extensive than that of his younger cousin, Niecko. He served time in a juvenile correctional center, and has had several mishaps with correctional officers. His crimes resulted in him being transferred to several prisons in his youth.

Justin Goldsby, his younger sister Avis, and several others have been convicted of violent crimes. Justin Goldsby once shared a cell with Robert Munger, an act that is against prison policy. They punched him 14 times and kicked him in the head several times. After they were sentenced, the woman died of her injuries three days later. It is unknown if there was any connection between the two.


Niecko Goldsby and Justin Goldsby have been in prison for a number of years. Justin has a lengthy criminal history, and they were cellmates in different correctional facilities. While they are related through their mother, both are active in the entertainment industry.

Justin Goldsby was born into a drug-addicted family. He spent his early childhood in foster homes. His foster parents abused him. His family eventually adopted him. After he was 21, his mother reconnected with him. Justin Goldsby was eventually arrested for drug offenses and transferred to Airway Heights Correctional Center.

Washington State Department

Goldsby met Munger in a correctional facility in Spokane County, Washington. He and Munger got into an argument when the two were inmates. The two men then beat Munger unconscious and he died a few days later. Goldsby pleaded guilty to second-degree murder, but he said he never intended to kill Munger. His sentence was not a death sentence, but a sentence of 298 months, which is equivalent to 25 years.

The Washington State Department of Corrections has banned the two men from sharing cells. This is because they can create a hostile environment. It’s better for prisoners to be separated from their cellmates so that they don’t have to deal with each other. And in this case, both of them have apologized to the victim’s family.

Final Words:

Police are questioning Goldsby’s motives. Goldsby admitted killing Munger, after he saw photos of him raping a woman. He knocked Munger to the ground and repeatedly stomped on his head. He died a few days later of his wounds.


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