Personal Injury Attorney For Rochester Bicycle Accident Cases

Personal Injury Attorney For Rochester Bicycle Accident Cases

While it is true that almost all accident cases seem to be similar, bicycle accidents are actually very different from car accidents. Because of this reason, the way a personal injury lawyer might handle a bicycle accident case in Rochester would be very different from how he would handle a car accident case. If you are entirely new to this domain, chances are you will be a little lost regarding the entire process. But don’t worry, a lawyer at King Law is there to help you out. Book your first free consultation in Rochester today!

In this blog, we will look at some of the most common reasons why bicycle accidents happen.

Speeding and distracted driving:

The top cause of accidents in Rochester is that bicycle riders tend to get distracted while riding. 

If an automobile driver is also distracted, it sort of aggravates the entire situation. This is why it’s everyone’s responsibility, be it the bicycle rider, a driver, or a pedestrian, to be really attentive when they are on the road. Try not to check that notification when you are crossing the road, or ditch that headphone. 

Dodging traffic and not maintaining a buffer:

At all times, you should focus on maintaining a three-foot buffer between your car and the one in front of you. This is done out of caution since failing to maintain a safe distance has frequently resulted in unfortunate accidents or disasters. 

Moreover, bicycle riders would be really cautious when they speed or make swift turns. Always keep in mind that you are accountable when you are on the road; as a result, be careful around bicycles and pedestrians to avoid any accidents that can result in injuries. While it’s obvious that nobody enjoys traffic, you should exercise caution while trying to pass other cars or trucks when there is a lot of it. Bicyclists frequently take unexpected turns, so it’s not always feasible to predict when one will pass you while you’re driving. Drive cautiously and save your maneuvers for another time. 

Final thoughts:

Other factors that contribute to bicycle accidents include sudden lane changes, failure to observe traffic signals or signs, turning without looking, and failure to yield when there are pedestrians or bicycles in the path. Additionally, publications have mentioned accidents brought on by intoxicated driving and exhaustion. If you think you are inebriated or otherwise unfit to drive, don’t get behind the wheel and get someone to drive you home safely. 


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