Online Furniture Stores through Craftatoz

Online Furniture Stores through Craftatoz

Furniture is the first key to decorate your house by following your ideas. It is the most important element to keep your house attractive as well as clean.Starting from the living room, You always need a comfy couch or sofa to feel comfortable.You also need corner shelves, center/coffee table to keep in the center of the living room. And also TV stands to fit the Tv in a proper way. In the bedroom, firstly you need a Wooden comfortable bed with good high mattresses. You also need a wooden Wadrobe in which your clothes will be properly placed. You will need a showpiece like wooden statues, Lamps to decorate your bedroom. Coming to the Kitchen, Most of the people ignore the presence of the Dining table. As we know, it is a place where the whole family meets at night so it should be cheerful as well as delightful. So, We should always prefer a dining table by considering the strength of your family. You can also prefer the fanciest couches to keep in your garden area to make it look greenish as well as cherish. Craftatoz also offers unique wooden sets like pot designing,Bolpi drawers and many more .Not only this ,but Craftatoz also offers a Kirnoi swing in Black color, Hirnul swing in walnut color, and also Bulkihi swing with the honey finish as well. This all furniture can be placed on the balcony of your house or the garden area. The key feature of Craftatoz is it provides you the furniture according to your room dimensions.No matter if you are living in a flat or Bungalow, Craftatoz always finds a solution and always tries to provide you the best furniture. Stop avoiding the renovation of your place and start thinking about the future by being the customer of Craftatoz. All this furniture gives a stunning look to your place.

Best Sofas in Hyderabad

By hearing the word “Sofa”, We start thinking about the living room. This furniture is best known to place in a living room to give it a gentle look. Craftatoz online store in Hyderabad provides you the best quality sofas which as antique. Craftatoz provides you the opportunity to select your furniture by considering the availability, color, structure, dimensions, fabric, etc. You can also see price variations from different sites and select the best. We also offer you the best discount price which is affordable for all the people. We have the best collection available which you can see by just browsing the categories.

Best Dining table in Hyderabad

The dining table is a must when we want to have our meal together. Dining table is a set of chairs and one table. We bring a selective piece that is elegant as well as attractive. Every aspect of the customer has given immense importance to complete his/her expectations. We also give the offer to customize your dining table by applying various filters. You are allowed to select your dining table according to your choice.We also offer foldable and durable dining tables which are resistant to scratches, water, quartz, etc.

Best Kichenwarre in Hyderabad

Leaving apart all the big furniture, Let’s talk about the small things which are mostly used in your kitchen. We offer you :

  • 1.The Kolev Rosewood Platter for Serving (honey finish) which is round in shape, It is used for Steak, Pizza, Fruit, Bread, Suitable For Baking And Serving in The Kitchen And Dining Room. The Kolev Rosewood Platter for Serving (honey finish) This Kolev Rosewooden round tray/plate/platter for serving, for decor for kitchenware/tableware-large size ( 10x10x1 inches)We only use wood from old Rosewood trees that have come to the end of their natural life and have already been replaced with younger trees.


  • 2. Jikek Sheesham Wood Round plate with 2 Small Bowl Combo Set of Three-Pack of One. It is mostly used for serving dessert as well as breakfast. This Jikek Plate Size is 8 inches. & Bowl Size 3 inch. High Quality and Durability Eco Serving Bowls and plates are made of high-quality sustainably sourced Sheesham wood.


  • 3. Gejod Mango wood Plate for kitchenware/Tableware (stone finish).           The Gejod Mango wood Plate for kitchenware/Tableware (stone finish)This Gejod Plate Attractively designed and hand-made by skilled artisans, Craftatoz brings you a stylish wooden plate. Rich in look and polished to its perfection. Bring home the Mango wooden plate and double up the beauty of your dining table. The size of the product is 29x29x4 cm

Browse Best study material in Hyderabad

Studying can be done with more concentration when the surrounding environment is good. We can keep our surroundings amazing by buying the best and fanciest study table from an online store in Hyderabad. You can get any shape you want. There are many types which included a round study table,Oval study table, and also Rectangle study table. Not only this ,but you also get 1 or 2 drawers to keep your stationery. So, Start browsing the unique study table and select the best for you.


Ending words:-Craftatoz online store in Hyderabad offers you the best sofa, bed, kitchenware, and also study table. So, Buy elegant pieces for your house to make your house look attractive.




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