Norstrat – History of Best Consulting Company

Norstrat Interactive Communications was founded in 1988 and is a leader in telecom consulting. The company has a multidisciplinary team of experts who collaborate to create solutions for clients. One of its founders, Lee Carson, was awarded the Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II. He is the former principal consultant with the department of national resources in Canada. The company has made quite a name for itself in the North American telecom industry.

Innovative Services & Technologies

Norstrat offers a range of services to small and medium-sized businesses. They are also the only company in Canada that provides microloans, and their solutions are cost-effective and save people from bankruptcy. In addition to its innovative solutions, Norstrat provides technical support and full-service certifications. It is a reliable public institution and has been a go-to partner of governments in Canada for decades. Norstrat consultants have a deep understanding of all aspects of a business. Their team has extensive experience in developing innovative services and technologies. Their work on infrastructure in Canada is one of their most significant contributions. They are focused on helping the country achieve its goals and improve its infrastructure. In 1988, they were even a part of the Canadian Northern Strategy and helped devise strategies for its development and implementation.

New Offshore Companies

Norstrat Advisory Council For New Offshore Companies and Large Corporations Its history stretches back more than 50 years. Norstrat is one of the oldest and most respected IT consulting firms in the world. Its consultants have years of experience in the business sector and can offer customized quotes based on their understanding of their clients’ needs. Its services span a variety of industries and are offered to companies and organizations at all levels.

How to Success In Business

Norstrat is one of the most successful consulting firms in the world. Its unique system uses satellite images to identify oil deposits in remote areas of the world. This system can be beneficial for both large and small companies. This method is very beneficial for the success of a business and is used by the military and large corporations. For example, Norstrat’s helped a large energy company finds new oil reserves by devising a system that uses satellite images to find these deposits.

Social Media & Digital Strategy

Norstrat’s history dates back to 1927, when its founders, Alex and Peter, struggled to find jobs in Canada. As a result, they created Norstrat, a strategic consulting firm with a global presence. They were successful in bringing Norstrat to the United States and other countries. The company now has a long-standing history in the oil and energy markets. Norstrat’s was founded by retired military personnel and northern business leaders who needed to understand the world’s most pressing issues. Its services include social media commerce, digital strategy, and healthcare authorities. Its expertise in various fields of business and government has allowed it to be an indispensable player in the global consulting market. The company’s diverse history demonstrates the company’s ability to work in a wide range of sectors.

Technical Departments

Norstrat is a public organization that has achieved extraordinary results in just two years. The company offers to consult for growing small businesses and is a leader in other technical departments. Norstrat’s is a public organization that is dedicated to improving the quality of life and the environment. As a result, it is an ideal consulting firm for small businesses. Its mission is to improve the lives of individuals and communities by advancing the world’s technology.


NORSTRAT was founded in 1988, and since then, it has grown to become a leading technology consulting firm. Its mission is to help customers develop the Northern Strategy of Canada. The company has worked with Fortune 100 corporations, early-stage startups, and government agencies. The organization has many different areas of expertise and has been a leader in information technology. The team also works with a wide range of industries.

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