Masks: The First Choice of Protection

Masks: The First Choice of Protection

Masks are commonly used to protect from fungus, dust, and hazardous sunlight. But in the time of corona virus, the use of masks has increased widely across the world. Mask is the best way of prevention from covid. As covid hit the world severely, a mask was the only weapon to rely on.

There are plenty of varieties of masks that are helpful to protect from covid as well as dust, such as surgical masks, n95 masks, kn95 masks, homemade masks, respirator fitted masks, etc. Even in the time of SARS, masking played a key role for the people and doctors. Data says that masks are the most effective thing to prevent the spread of covid after vaccination. 

Protection Against Pollution

Not only covid but the pollution has also become a problem of concern as industries are growing higher and constructions are taking place. To save our respiratory system, it becomes necessary to wear a mask, and to prevent pollution and dust particles, Dust Protection Mask is the best choice to adapt. It protects from microscopic dust particles, hazardous sunlight, and pollution. It covers the mouth and nose and protects from dust causing allergies. 

Respiratory dust protection mask designed to protect 95% of dust particles. It is used in an area where construction usually happens. Dust masks have been certified by the United States Bureau of Mines since the 1930s. Dust masks do not protect from hazardous particles or gases as respiratory masks do. 

Protection from Covid-19 With N95 Masks

Consumption of masks has increased during the time of Covid and data has shown that n95 or kn95 respiratory masks are much more effective to protect from Covid and hazardous particles than any masks and it designed very efficiently with filtration of airborne particles.  As the demand for masks are increasing rapidly and it became a part of Covid safety measure, the n95 mask manufacturer companies are producing mask as well as sanitizer sachets, wipes in a large number and fulfilling the need of an hour. Masks also protect from hazardous gases and vapors which contain microscopic toxic particles that can cause serious health issues like lung infection, short breathing, etc. Majorly n95 masks are being used by healthcare workers and frontline workers. n95 masks long-lasting as it’s thick and durable but on the other hand surgical masks are not durable and its one-time use mask. n95 masks are not designed for children as it does not fit into the mouth. 

Delta variant is also a big headache to the world and to be protected from delta variant, it is important to use a face mask especially n95 as it is suggested by health officers. 

Reasons to Wear a Mask

After all, if anything has been learned since the past year of 2020, the first step to stopping COVID in its tracks is a personal one. Of course, most people do not care about such rules, which are made to keep everyone safe. To highlight those points, here are some proven reasons on how masks can help to prevent the spread of the virus, and in turn help with managing the pandemic

Protects Others

Even though masks can help with keeping any person safe from others, their primary work is to keep any viral particles from spreading to other people. Of course, logically, it works best when it’s a group effort. Even now, India’s daily rate of infection is above 2 lakh people in three consecutive days. It will keep rising if people do not stop being irresponsible towards COVID-19.

Good Hygiene

It is simply a matter of good hygiene and has uses beyond the pandemic. There is a good reason why people in the medical profession wear masks, from surgeons to dentists. It is to either protect themselves from any germs in the air from infecting them or to prevent the spread of any germs on them to others. 


Health should be the first priority for all as we are living in an era where different diseases, pandemics are targeting people and to save our lives it’s important to take proper care of health to live a disease-free life. Basically, in the time of Covid, it should be the major priority to follow all the covid safety measures and wear masks properly. Not only n95 masks but homemade cotton masks are also a good choice as it’s cheap irritation-free. But to ensure proper safety especially in crowded places or hospitals, it’s best to wear an n95 mask. Hand sanitizers and disinfectants wipes are also the adopted safety measures to fight against Covid. Always wear a mask while going out somewhere and maintain proper social distancing, carry sanitizers with proper hygiene. This is only a way to be protected from Covid. Be aware, follow the rules, and help our nation to win the fight against covid-19. 


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