Long-Term Disability Law In Florida – Everything You Need To Know

Long-Term Disability Law In Florida – Everything You Need To Know

Long-term disability insurance can help you claim some compensation, when you cannot attend work, irrespective of whether the injuries have occurred at your workplace or not. Most companies try to deny these claims to make a profit. To prevent this from happening in Florida, you must approach an experienced attorney. As there are many lawyers in Florida, it can be difficult for you to identify the best from them. 

Choose a reputed law firm in Florida like The Law Office of Nancy L. Cavey, if you are in search of the best legal services. Their legal team works with great dedication and builds a powerful claim. Their legal team is very free to approach. As they charge a reasonable fee from their clients, you need not worry about the fee. 

How to file a long-term disability claim?

To file a long-term disability claim, you must have long-term disability insurance. In short, you must be paying for long-term disability insurance. The benefits you receive will always depend on the type of long-term insurance you choose. Follow the below-mentioned steps for filing the long-term disability claim. 

  • The first step includes hiring a long-term disability lawyer. Your long-term disability lawyer will let you know about the various important things related to your claim. Your lawyer will check your insurance policy terms and explain everything to you in detail. 
  • You must inform your lawyer that you will not be able to attend office due to your long-term disability. Inform your employer that you want to apply for long-term disability benefits. It is essential to take your employer’s statement, which includes the information related to your job role, your job experience, how long you are not attending the office due to your disability, and others. Share your employer’s statement with your lawyer. 
  • You must also submit your medical reports for filing the long-term disability claim. Inform your doctor that you need a detailed report about your health condition. Your medical reports must show how your disability can prevent you from working. 
  • Your lawyer will collect all the important documents from you and complete the paperwork for filing the long-term disability claim. 

Simply follow the instructions of your lawyer in Florida. 

Which conditions qualify for long-term disability?

Some of the conditions that qualify for long-term disability are cancer, anxiety, neck injuries, brain injuries, depression, stroke, kidney disease, heart disease, fibromyalgia, HIV, etc. To know about the complete list, get in touch with a long-term disability lawyer in Florida.


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