Jaden Newman: What Grade is Julian Newman in?

Jaden Newman

Jaden Newman is a talented basketball player who grew up in Downey, California. He started playing varsity basketball for his school when he was in the third grade. His parents are Jamie and Vivian Gonzalez. He is a member of the Downey Christian School’s varsity basketball team. What grade is Julian in? is a question that is on the minds of many.

Professional Basketball Coaches

Jaden Newman’s parents are professional basketball coaches and history teachers. His mother is Puerto Rican and was a point guard at University High School. Her father served in the navy for four years and later worked for the United States Postal Service. They live in Orlando, Florida. Her name is Jaden Newman. What grade is Julian in? para: The two siblings are older than Julian. Jaden is 17 years old. He was born on September 6, 2001. His older brother is nine months younger than his younger sister.

What grade is Julian in? The younger brother is a basketball prodigy. He is only nine months younger than Julian. His father, Jamie, has stated that he plans to play overseas next year. He has over a dozen offers to play in the G-League and Australia’s D-League. He is still in his early teens but his parents want to make him a star.

Instagram Account

What grade is Julian in? – He is a rising star in basketball. He’s famous on social media. His Instagram account has over seventy thousand followers and his Youtube channel has a mixtape of his junior year games. The youngest Newman is 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 60 kilograms. She has the talent of dribbling. If she was an NBA player, she’d probably be one of the best.

What grade is Jaden’s jersey number is one. His father is a basketball coach. While his father’s basketball team may not be interested in him, his father’s team has a basketball scholarship program. Their parents have a lot of success, so they’ll have to do the same to get their kid into the next level. They have both been the stars of the world’s biggest sports teams.

Talented Basketball Player

Aside from basketball, Julian Newman is also an aspiring author and a model. He has gained popularity online, and has been featured in a Forbes article by Bob Cook. Besides being a talented basketball player, he is also a famous social media star. Despite the high school, the young star is a popular student. It is important to remember that the younger the player is, the better.

The young basketball player is also very popular on social media. He has 768k followers on Instagram, and his videos are widely shared on YouTube. Her father has been rigorously coaching his children. He has been the head coach of his high school basketball team since 2012. He is an amazing athlete and a surprisingly humble person. He has a very positive outlook on life. If you’re a sports fan, you’ll love Julian.


Although Jaden is younger than his brother, he has been playing basketball for as long as he can remember. His father, Jamie, claimed that Julian is a top-ranked D1 player with 15 D1 offers. However, he plans to play overseas next year. According to his father, his top choices are Australia and the G-League. He has a very impressive basketball game.

Like his brothers, Jaden is a star basketball player. His high school career has earned him numerous accolades. He’s the only basketball player in the world with a Division-I offer from the University of Miami. He’s also the youngest Division-I offer to a college. The other two are in the same grade. When it comes to academics, Jaden Newman is an honor student.


Jaden’s hair color is dark brown. She is a year younger than her brother, but her parents chose the name “Julian.” Her father is the head coach of Downey Christian School. In sixth grade, she played varsity basketball for the school. In addition to her brother, she’s also a talented basketball player. Her father suggested that her name be Jaden.


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