Is There a Height Requirement for Security Fencing?

Is There a Height Requirement for Security Fencing?

Various factors must be considered if you are thinking of installing a security fence. You want this type of fence for maximum protection and optimal results for your commercial property. One of the initial things you should consider is the height of the security fence.

Is there a standard height?

Fencing contractors say that customers often ask about the height of security fencing. However, there is no specific standard, as the height varies between fences depending on the environment and the establishment’s needs.

Generally, two metres is already a reliable and safe height. At this height, most trespassers will find it difficult to climb. When it comes to security fencing height, other factors that experienced Fencing Contractors Nottingham recommend to take into consideration are design, installation, and penetration through the fence, climbing over, and digging under the fence. As you very well know, intruders could be humans or animals. 

Designs of security fences and their benefits

As a commercial property owner, knowing about the different types of security fences is vital. You can visit website of a trusted company to learn more about security fences suitable for your property.

Metal railings

Metal railings are very popular for public parks because they are sturdy and attractive while providing adequate defence. The fence comprises metal parts in various designs. With matching sliding or swing gates, plus tamper-proof fixings and fittings, you are sure that you have optimal security on your property. Typically, the maximum height of metal railings is two metres.

Vertical bar fencing

If you need a taller security fence, one option is vertical bar fencing. This type of fencing is more functional and can be intimidating when you order one with built-in climbing deterrents like cranked pales or barbed spikes on each pale. However, you can also find a vertical bar fence with a more decorative design to add a more appealing look. Vertical bar fencing offers various options, including manual or automated gates.

Welded mesh panels

For something more versatile, you can opt for welded mesh panels. The fence material looks “invisible” from a distance. However, the visibility factor of welded mesh fencing is high. Thus, it does not compromise visibility with the security cameras. You can specify the height of the fence, and the contractor can help you with the design and the posts needed for lighting, security cameras, and security toppings. Moreover, you can choose from several welded mesh panel design options. For example, the 358 mesh has tightly knit openings to prevent finger holds, while the double skin 358 mesh has smaller spaces.


The higher the fence, the harder it will be for an intruder to climb it. For security fences, those with horizontal pales are not appropriate because they can provide a foothold. Instead, the welded mesh design, topped with tape, barbed wire, or spikes, is the popular choice because the fence is difficult to climb. Another thing to consider when deciding on the height of the security fence is the surrounding area, which may have trees, electrical and telephone poles, and lampposts that are climbable.


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