Is DesireMovies Safe To Use?

Is DesireMovies Safe To Use?

Is DesireMovies Safe To Use? Well, the answer is yes. Since I have always been a huge fan of Hollywood movies, even the remakes, I was hesitant to go ahead with this subscription service. However, after doing some extensive research on the net, I was convinced that using the websites of the movie studios like Lions Gate Entertainment, Focus Features, and Disney made a lot of sense and was, in fact, quite convenient.

The first question that came to my mind was, is there any difference between watching movies illegally via illegal downloading sites or websites like Desire Movies HD, Netflix, MySpace or YouTube? Well, let me tell you. Yes, there is! If you are looking for something truly extraordinary, you should never compromise on quality. Quality is everything when it comes to TV shows and films. So, is it wrong to use these services?

Illegal Downloading Software

There are many instances on the net where people have fallen for websites offering them to download movies over the internet. First of all, many websites use illegal downloading software and even make money from users who illegally download movies. Such websites do not offer quality service. Another point that should be kept in mind is that some legitimate websites provide good quality service. These sites use quality encryption methods and only offer subscribers a fair way to download movies.

Considerable Controversy

Another considerable controversy is about the introduction of HD versions of movies. Initially, Dolby was the only company that released HD versions of movies. However, soon after Sony started selling its HD players, many users began switching to the new Linksys players, which the Motorola Xoom later replaced. In addition, when the price of HD versions of movies was launched, many users illegally downloaded software. They started pirating the CDs which they thought had higher quality than the standard DVD’s. This created a big problem for Sony who was accused of piracy.

Is Desire Movies Safe To Use?

The answer is yes. There are websites on the World Wide Web which are legal and charge nothing for accessing their servers. A few other websites in India and several other countries have nothing to do with illegal downloading software and do not charge anything for accessing their websites. Instead, they act as intermediates between users who want to download movies illegally and copyright holders who wish to release new films in the market legally.

For instance, websites like Download Manager act as middlemen between users and copyright holders. They charge a nominal fee for providing this facility. Similarly, there are free to use websites that allow downloading of movies and some music videos. Their business model may be different from those of websites like Download Manager, which charge money. Free websites, however, offer the same service as other paid websites.


Another option available for downloading movies on the internet is using different languages. Users in other languages can access the same content provided by various websites without any problems. An example of such a language is the French version of Download Manager. However, many users still prefer to watch movies online in their original language. Users can access online libraries of their favourite movies using the internet protocol, which is a packet switching format. The packets of data carry information that the computers can decode to yield relevant information. If you try to stream movies using an online application that does not support this format, the application will give an error message. When trying to watch movies using this method, it is recommended that you use a high-speed broadband connection. This is because the buffering takes place very slowly.


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