Is a Shark in a Sharksnado Dead?


In the movie sharksnado, a freak cyclone causes man-eating sharks to be scoope up in water spouts and flood a city with shark-infested seawater.

While it’s a fun idea, it’s unlikely that a hurricane would be able to pick up 20,000 sharks at once.

What is a Sharknado?

A sharksnado is a weather phenomenon that happens when a hurricane or other extreme cyclone becomes infested with sharks. These tornadoes are usually associate with great white sharks and hammerhead sharks, but they can also involve other species.

Huge Success

The first movie, Sharksnado, aired on Syfy in 2013. It was a huge success, and it spawned sequels in 2014 and 2015.

In the second film, a waterspout lifts sharks out of the ocean and drops them in Los Angeles. They wreak havoc on the city, killing and eating people.

The third film features Sharksnado chasers who use a cold gun to destroy the storms. But these weapons don’t seem to work in the sharknados, which are getting stronger.

How Does a Sharknado Work?

A sharknado works as a climate change-abetted windstorm that sucks in an armada of bloodthirsty sharks and flings them at unsuspecting humans. It’s a wacky, but not completely outlandish, idea that has been made into Syfy’s most-watch made-for-TV movie.

Electrocannon Balls

The film’s title character, Fin (Ian Ziering), and his gang approach defeating sharknados as if the vortex itself were a living thing – they haphazardly bat meteorites into it, and later use electrocannon balls and laser beams to make the storm dissipate and kill the sharks inside it.

But waterspouts are usually too weak to pull large objects, let alone a bunch of sharks, out of the water and onto land.


The only way to diffuse the nukenado is to transform it back into a normal sharknado so that Astro-Pods will work on it, which is what Reynolds suggests. But when they reach Niagara Falls, the device fails to have sufficient power, so Col. Shepard volunteers to pilot a mech suit so that Fin can set off the device to reverse the water flow into the nukenado and neutralize its radiation.

Is a Shark in a Sharknado Possible?

When a hurricane sucks a swarm of sharks into its waterspout, the resulting tornado rips through Los Angeles. As the cyclone swirls around and engulfs the city, shark-infested water gushes into the streets, killing and terrorizing the inhabitants.

Whether or not a shark in a sharknado is possible is actually quite a bit more complicated than it may seem. The answer to this question depends on how the sharks in the sharknado are behaved as they fall out of the waterspout and get tangled up in the vortex.

For example, would the sharks in a sharknado actually want to eat anyone who falls out of the cyclone? As a general rule, sharks don’t like to eat people. They usually only attack when they’re curious or if they mistakenly think that humans are their prey.

Sharknado Franchise

The question of whether or not a shark in a sharknado is dead has become an important issue as the Sharknado franchise has progressed. In the first film, the main character Fin (Ian Ziering) and his ex-wife April (Tara Reid) are swept up in a hurricane that brings sharks to the streets of Los Angeles.

In the sequel, Fin and his wife Nova (Dana Delany) set out to save their daughter Claudia from the sharks that invaded her home. But along the way, many people are kill by the swarm of sharks that attack them.


During the final movie, Fin travels through time to stop sharknados from ever happening. However, he ends up accidentally creating a time storm that destroys April’s future self and resets all the other Sharksnado to never happen.


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