How to share and watch videos on Twitter

How to share and watch videos on Twitter

Twitter’s blue bird symbol is gradually becoming more known in Vietnam. The article will help you learn how to share, watch videos and twitter download.

Common words when using Twitter

Before learning about how to share and watch videos you need to understand the common words used in the twitter community.

  • Tweet: if in Facebook the status lines are called status then in twitter they are called tweets. This name refers to the articles you post about something on your personal page.

Tweet on Twitter

  • Retweet: This word is used to refer to posts where you share content that other people have posted. Any article you like can be retweeted on your page.
  • Twitter trend: This phrase refers to new trends happening on this social networking site. Twitter users tend to share content with hashtags. If this hashtag is used by many people, it will become a twitter trend until another trend appears.
  • Follow: Similar to instagram, follow indicates the following status on twitter. When you follow any page you will see news, shared status there. Especially you will not be missed like when you like the page on facebook.
  • Followers: This word is used to refer to the number of people who follow you on twitter. It can include friends and strangers who want to follow your updates. You are also called a follower when you start following someone. This way you can watch and download the desired videos called twitter download.

How to share and watch videos on Twitter

Twitter tweets usually only stay relevant if the original post is still live. Therefore, there will be videos you want to watch again but can’t because the original tweet has been deleted.

Now you need Twitter video download tools to be able to keep these videos longer. SnapTwitter is the safe and useful tool for you. To get started, you need to do the following.

SnapTwitter Tool

  • Step 1: Open twitter and select the video you want to download.
  • Step 2: Here copy the link of your favorite clip.
  • Step 3: Go to the tool, paste the copied link into the text box.

Since tweets have a short feed, it’s a waste of time to create a video for twitter. Use SnapTwitter to download interesting videos, share on longer storage platforms.

However, you should not post in a messy way. Please specify the desired content then go to twitter download to get started.

Tips for sharing videos on Twitter

This social network allows you to post videos that are 2 minutes and 20 seconds long. Twitter users are also used to short content so this is one of the top notes. Make your videos concise and full of content.

Twitter Website

If you think this time is too short, you can refer to other videos on this platform. Even videos that are only 30 seconds long can still convey great information.

With such a length of time, your video has a stronger connection with the content. As a result, it attracts attention quickly with eye-catching images.


The sharing about twitter download and the above video design tips will definitely be very helpful. Using the SnapTwitter tool flexibly will give you more options.

This is a way for you to share interesting videos on twitter to your relatives who do not use this platform. Save and share interesting things in twitter’s treasure.


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