How to save money in college?

How to save money in college?

Your twenties are the time which can make or break you for the rest of your life, I know you might survive the hard times but eventually cannot attain the highs which you can achieve from your twenties hardworking and saving habits. Act smart in college life and try to get a hold of voucher codes and discount codes on clothes, textbooks, accessories, electronics, etc.


Tips for saving money in college:

Get ready to get some heavenly money-saving tips that can revolutionize your life if followed. 

  • Never buy new textbooks:

Make the library your best friend and try to get the advantage of every single book there for free subscriptions. You might get enrolled in online libraries which require your free sign-ups and get online books from there.

  • Avoid credit cards:

 Credit cards are your worst enemies in terms of saving money. The problem with people is they consider loan-taking quite normally which is nonsense. Think how much extra cash you are paying in terms of the compounds.

  • House selection:

The best for you is to get enrolled in your college hostel and if it’s not your best bet; then always opt for sharing compartments with some other people. Sharing a compartment in a reasonable residential area will save a lot for you. Make sure you do proper research while renting one. 

  • Check on subscriptions:

I know you are adults and like to watch some seasons and fascinating series but consider your monthly subscriptions on such shows or websites. What you can do is opt for the website which is open to voucher codes and let go of some of your money. 

  • Restrict outgoings:

I know it’s the high time of your life to have fun but consider this as a high time of making your future and saving some money for hard times. You can easily avoid the extra dine-ins, cook your food and just eat while you are at home.

  • Stay away from brands:

Trust me you are just ripping your pockets by buying some highly positioned brands. What you need to do is to switch to some normal and reasonable brands which are providing you’re the best services or products but at cheaper prices.

  • Not just save but invest:

Saving your money might secure some of your amounts but investing some of it is the best choice for you. By doing so you will be able to attain higher returns on available amounts and then you will be able to save more.

How much do you need to save in college life?

According to Steinberg, every college student who is also overwhelmed by expenses must at least have two months’ worth of savings. You can save this by making an emergency saving account and depositing some of your monthly earning in this.

Another option is to put the saving on retirement accounts or high-profit accounts.  

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Bottom line:

The best bet for you to save money in college is to attain every possible voucher code for the required items. All you got to do is to search the websites which are having some seasonal or time sales and give you discounts codes.


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