How To Print From Mobile Without WiFi Printer?

While printing our desired documents, forums, and photos on a color or black and white printer, we often look at some easy and fast ways of printing. It’s also known that wireless printers are out there that you can have for printing your documents anywhere and anytime. However, what if you have a normal printer and might be looking to print from Mobile without a WiFi printer? You got me right then because it could be your only desire to be here. 

So, hold on, take a deep breath and let me give you an alternative for printing from your Mobile, even if you don’t have a WiFi printer inside your home. Let’s get this conversation started!

Is It Possible To Print From Your Mobile Without WiFi Printer?

Before you go for something like this, you should have an idea about whether it is possible to print from your Mobile without wireless connectivity or not. 

Yes, it is possible, and anyone can do this if they know the right techniques and methods. 

There is no doubt that you will know everything about that at the end of this post. So, keep reading to find this out. Further information can be found on W7Cloud. I hope you’ll find a lot of useful information about this topic.

How Do You Print From Mobile Without A WiFi Printer?

It is seamlessly and effortlessly easy while using your Mobile and takes a printout by doing necessary settings. The procedure for this one is simple and easier because you will have all the required things easily available at your desk. So, gather your shoulders and get set yourself to work. Let’s start by describing what we have here.

Step 1: Things You Will Need For Connecting The Printer With The Mobile

Here, you will be using WiFi now, so there will be no wireless connection between your Mobile and your Printer. However, you will need certain things to make this happen, and I can assure you that you will have them easily. 

The first thing in this regard is the availability of having an OTG cable. An OTG is the latest feature in your mobile phone that lets you transfer your data from your Mobile to a USB. It makes a connection between these both. The same thing happens with both devices as between your Mobile and your Printer. 

The next thing you will need is software. I mean to say a mobile app through which you will be operating your Printer. It is different from the different models of the Printer. 

Suppose you are using the HP printer at your home and are supposed to print from this type of Printer. 

You will require the dedicated app for that, and only then would your processing for the HP printer be easier. Therefore, you will be able to print using this app, and you wouldn’t need any connectivity to the WiFi for that.

Step 2: Buy an OTG and Connect Your Printer With The Mobile

In this step, you can visit the nearby Mobile or computer store and buy an OTG. 

It will cost you nothing, and you will have a small device or cable for connecting your Mobile with the Printer. However, make sure that you buy the same type of port for the OTG cable that connects your Mobile with the charger. 

I mean to say, if your Mobile supports type-C, you should buy the OTG that comes with type-C connectivity. On the other hand, if it is Type-A, the OTG will also vary with it. 

Once you have bought the OTG, put its one end into the charging jack of your mobile phone. One-way connection is made. Now, take the cable connecting your Printer With your laptop or PC, and disconnect it from there. 

After disconnecting it, you need to put the other end into the second opening of the OTG. In this way, you would connect your Printer With the Mobile you have for printing documents.

When you connect the Printer and turn on the OTG feature from your mobile settings, you will have a notification of printer connection that will ask you for certain permissions. It would help if you allowed all of them.

Step 3: Download The Required App

Now, suppose you are working on an HP printer, and you have to print through it using your Mobile. For this, you will go to your Mobile Play store and search for the HP Print Service there. 

I am showing the screenshot of my desktop computer, but you can also have it on your Mobile without finding yourself in any worries. Therefore, you can install this app and use it on your Mobile.

Once installed, the app will ask you to select your desired Printer from the available printers. You can select the one you have already connected with your Mobile using OTG cable. 

After this, all you need to do is make some simple settings like selecting the desired page size, color, and resolution using the app. Once done, you can click the Print Button given at the bottom of the app. When you click on it, your Printer will start printing your document. 

Successfully, through this way, you would be able to learn to connect your Printer with your Mobile without any WiFi. There are no hard and fast rules in doing it.

Final Thoughts

So, you saw that there is no big deal in learning how to print from Mobile without a WiFi printer if you have made up to this end of the post. Indeed, you can use an OTG and a Mobile app to complete your printing process using your Mobile without having WiFi connectivity. Besides this, there are other methods if you have a wireless printer that makes printing easier being anywhere you are sitting right now. 

In the end, thanks for reading and taking the notes down. If you have queries to ask or information to add, please look forward to sending me through the comment box. May you have a good day!

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