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How to Make a Monkey Holding a Box

A homemade monkey holding a box is a fun gift idea for children. All you need is double-sided cardstock and a few little pieces of foam adhesive for the eyes, ears and cheeks. Then sew on the arms and tail. You may also want to make a wooden spoon handle for the nose and mouth.

Sewing a monkey’s arms and tail to a box

Begin by cutting out a paper monkey template and attaching two pieces of fabric together and tracing the template. Trim any excess fabric from the front and back of the template. Sew the arms and tail to the body with a 0.5cm seam allowance and a notch all around. Stuff the arms with stuffing. Close the seams with small invisible stitches. Follow the template and sew the arms to the body. The blue dots mark the location where the arms will be attached to the body. Once the arms and tail are sewn to the body, attach the arms to the body with French knots.

To make the hands, use a pencil, wooden spoon handle, or That Purple Thang to make the hands. Then, use a rounded rectangle for the fingers and an oval for the thumb. You can also use a chop stick. When finished, use a running stitch to sew along the edges of the tail. You can then close the box using your sewing machine.

Finding a suitable housemate for a monkey holding a box

If you have a monkey holding a box, you are going to want to find a suitable housemate for it. First, you should place it in a room far away from small children, air conditioning vents, and other animals. It should also be placed away from windows and doors. A housemate that’s neither too large nor too small will be the best match.

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Making a monkey holding a box

A homemade monkey holding a box is a cute gift idea that your child will love. This project can be made from double-sided cardstock and can be decorated with foam adhesive squares for the nose and inner ears. You can also use a wooden spoon handle to attach the ears and nose.

Before you start, make sure your monkey will have a safe place to live. It must not be close to small children or other pets, and it should be placed in an area where it won’t be a distraction. It should also be far from windows, doors, and air conditioning vents. If you plan to give your monkey a monkey holding a box, choose a box that is not too large or too small.

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Once you have the right position, you can start training the monkey. First, you’ll need a wooden box with a steel pole mounted on it. Next, turn the coconut by hand, keeping a safe distance from the monkey. When the monkey starts to get curious about the training, you’ll need to hold the box in front of him. After a while, you’ll notice that the monkey will come to the box, and you can then direct its hand towards the coconut.

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