How Can You Make Your Essay Writing More Creative and Engaging?

How Can You Make Your Essay Writing More Creative and Engaging?

Creativity is an element that gives life to any piece of writing. Every form of writing has a flair of creativity to it. Creativity can be achieved in many ways though it can be challenging for many writers, it can be found in ways of picking the right words and knitting them together in order to create an interesting content.

The characteristic of being creative in writing is to tell the stories in a peculiar and unique voice. If you want to spark your creativity when you feel you are tapped out, then here are some effective ways to get  into your imaginative groove. 

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Make lists

The most intimidating thing for any writer is there are a myriad of things and ideas that overwhelms them. Therefore, it is best that they should note these ideas down in a list or the things they think must be done. This way they can break down the list into categories based on the priority. This helps you train your mind and feel more relaxed, you get more organised, disciplined and more innovative.

Carry a notebook with you

Make a habit of keeping a notebook with you all the time, in case some brilliant and distinctive idea pops up in your mind. You will be more than happy to find you have something in your hand to note it down instantly. 

Practice free writing 

Free writing is a prewriting technique, that have a myriad of benefits such as it helps to 

put down your thoughts as they arise without stopping irrespective of grammar and spelling errors. To spark your creativity and inspiration, it has proven to be one of the most effective ways in writing techniques. You can learn more new writing techniques from writing services just ask them, “How can I write my paper or essay creatively?

Avoid distraction

If you want to be innovative and to keep the wells of creativity flowing, try to avoid distractions such as TV and the computer, refrain yourself from using internet and social media interactions on your phone. These distractions are detrimental for your creativity.

Be unique

You must have seen that people who are very creative appear to be otherworldly or exclusive from people around them. Never try to imitate or be like others. Try to have your own unique style or just be your natural self.

Keep yourself calm

The creative people also seem to be carefree, relaxed and happy, no matter what dreadful situation they are in. It is a fact that the brain works faster and generates new and creative ideas when a person is relaxed and calm.

Be observative and receptive

As a creative writer, you need to be open and observant of things and people around you. Read new books, visit new interesting places, watch new movies, and listen to music. All these activities and experiencing new things in life stimulate your brain and light up new creative ideas that you never thought of before.

Have company of creative people

Creative writers are always attracted to other creative people. Instead of isolating yourself in your room and trying to be imaginative, better share your writing or your words with other people, exchanging ideas and views also helps your brain to be more creative and think unusual.


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