Home Guide: The Top 10 Air Conditioning Units for 2022

Home Guide: The Top 10 Air Conditioning Units for 2022

During the hot summer months, your home’s air conditioning system is your best friend!

Whether it’s time to replace your current system or purchase a new one, it’s important to consider what unit will best suit your home as well as which model to choose.

To help you out, we’ve listed the best air conditioning systems to keep you cool and comfortable in 2022:

1. Carrier Central Air Conditioner

The Carrier Central Air Conditioner is a notably quiet air conditioning system due to its high-quality chassis and insulation. 

While this air conditioning unit does require professional installation by an HVAC technician, they offer a range of models to suit your budget. However, the higher the SEER rating (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio), the more it will cost.

Carrier central air conditioners carry a 10-year warranty.

2. Lennox Central Air Conditioner

Lennox is a household name when it comes to air conditioning systems and it’s no surprise! They offer one of the highest-quality and most energy-efficient central air conditioners on the market.

Their systems are quiet and boast precise comfort that allows you to control the airflow with fewer adjustments than other systems in order to keep your home at the desired temperature.

When paired with a smart thermostat, this air conditioning unit adapts to your routine and adjusts temperatures according to maximum efficiency and comfort.

 3. American Standard Central Air Conditioner

As one of the leading brands in HVAC technology, American Standard offers a range of reliable central air conditioning units with energy-efficiency ratings as high as 22 SEER – providing you with home comfort while lowering your energy costs!

These systems are equipped with advanced features that deliver optimal performance and lower sound levels than many other brands.

American Standard’s air conditioning units are built to perform under harsh conditions while being versatile and compact.

4. Trane Central Air Conditioner

Trane is dedicated to delivering quality products with features such as the Spine Fin Coil that increases efficiency and provides faster cooling. Their air conditioning systems are also made with aluminum, making them highly resistant to corrosion and long-lasting.

You can also optimize Trane’s central air conditioning systems by using smart thermostats that can link to your smart devices via your Wi-Fi connection.

5. Goodman Central Air Conditioner

Goodman offers a budget-friendly and energy-efficient central air conditioning system with five different models to choose from. 

Even those these air conditioners are more affordable than other brands, Goodman does not skimp on quality. Their units are equipped with features such as onboard diagnostic to alert you if there is an issue and help you maintain the condition of your central air conditioning unit.

Goodman also offers an excellent 10-year warranty.

6. Honeywell Portable Air Conditioner

If you are more interested in portable units when it comes to air conditioning, Honeywell is a brand worth checking out. Their Contempo HL10CES model is affordable, quiet, and provides adequate cooling to any room in your home.

Its single-hose system is not as robust as dual-hose units but you expect to receive significant savings – especially if you are looking to cool small rooms or your living room at an affordable cost.

7. LG Portable Air Conditioner

The LP1313GXR by LG is the perfect portable air conditioner if you are short on square footage and require a unit that fits nicely into your home.

Even though this model is small (only two-and-a-half feet tall!), it still provides a significant amount of BTUs (British Thermal Units) to keep your home cool and comfortable.

It also comes with an LCD remote control that allows you to conveniently adjust the settings to your desired air temperature.

8. Frigidaire Window Air Conditioner

For smaller rooms, such as your bedroom or living room, you may want to consider a window air conditioner. The Frigidaire FFRE063WAE window unit can cool a small room in no time, providing quick comfort for your home.

The controls are easy to use and the filter is easy to clean, making this a great and reliable air conditioner for those on a tight budget.

9. Kenmore Window Air Conditioner

The mini ac window unit by Kenmore is another great budget-friendly option that is perfect for smaller homes such as apartments and dorm rooms.

It features two fan modes that operate quietly and can be adjusted directionally in order to provide comfort in areas around 150 square feet.

10. GE Window Air Conditioner

The Energy Star Window Smart Room Air Conditioner by GE is a WiFi-enabled unit that you can directly control using your smart device or by using the remote control.

It is also designed to operate using your voice! You can use Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Home Kit to control this unit’s three fan settings and modes.

Choosing the Right Air Conditioning System

When it comes to purchasing an air conditioning unit, you have three choices:

  • Central Air Conditioning Systems
  • Portable Air Conditioning Units
  • Window Air Conditioning Units

Making this decision depends on some key factors such as the square footage of the target coverage area, the shape and size of your windows, and where to channel the water that is caused by condensation.

You also have to take into consideration where your unit is going to be placed as well as the voltage of nearby electrical outlets.

Additionally, if you want a fancy system, you’ll also have to look at the smart features available.

Overall, the best way to determine what type of air conditioning system is best for your home is to have a licensed HVAC technician inspect your space and give you a professional recommendation.

Local AC companies like https://www.emitless.ca/ are located in Ontario, Canada and are dedicated to providing you with expert installation and maintenance when it comes to the air conditioning system in your home.

Reach out to your local provider to discuss your options and work together to keep your home cool and comfortable during the warm winter months!


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