Essentials Every Gun Owner Needs to Have

Essentials Every Gun Owner Needs to Have

The ideal gun owner always keeps their weapon clean, stored in a safe place, and ready to use. They also know the basics of how firearms work and are familiar with the laws for using them. The essential items on this list will aid you in carrying out these tasks and help you identify yourself as an appropriate gun owner. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get your hands on these items now.

A Complete List

The following items are necessary for anyone serious about shooting, visit 80% Arms to buy 80 lowers and jigs to complete your gun at home.


Without ammunition, your firearm is useless. Selecting the correct ammo for your firearm is essential because the wrong type of ammunition can damage the gun and injure those nearby. Once you have purchased your ammo, it is recommended that you store it securely to prevent theft or accidental destruction.

A Gun Safe

Every gun owner needs a safe to house their firearm and ammunition. Safe’s are designed to protect your firearm from both theft and destruction, keeping it conveniently located while still being secured from children and other unauthorized access. An added benefit is that it will help you keep track of your ammo and store more firearms if you have the space for them. Every gun owner must have one of these in their possession, especially before any children are in the household.

Ear and Eye Protection

While shooting a gun can be an exhilarating experience, it can also be potentially harmful to the hearing of anyone within earshot of the weapon being fired. It’s also recommended to use eye protection to ensure there aren’t any accidents caused by casings being expelled from your firearm.

Gun Cleaning Kit

Keeping your firearm clean is essential. As you use it regularly, you will inevitably run the risk of dirt and debris build-up that can be hazardous. To ensure this doesn’t happen, your kit should include:

1) Cleaning Chemicals

When needing more serious gun care, you can choose to use a mixture of cleaning chemicals to get the job done with more thorough effectiveness. Always check the product label first to see what its ingredients are. Be careful not to mix up hazardous chemicals that have different labels.

a) Gun Lubricant

Lubrication is a crucial factor in keeping your weapon running smoothly. The lubricant you include should be specifically designed for guns to provide maximum performance and smooth gliding when using it on your gun.

b) Solvent

The solvent cleans any carbon, lead, or debris from your firearm’s bore. It is an essential part of your cleaning kit and part of any good firearm maintenance routine.

c) Degreaser

This is a very important cleaning agent that will ensure the internal parts of your gun are clean. Any build-up will eventually lead to problems when using your firearm. Carbon build-up can cause a malfunctioning weapon as well as decrease its accuracy. This cleaner will ensure this doesn’t happen and make your gun more efficient.

2) Cleaning Rod

A cleaning rod is used to push the rod down the barrel of your gun to allow you to wipe off any build-up. This will allow your gun to perform at its peak. You’ll need one long enough to reach the barrel’s end. Don’t forget to use a jag to ensure the cleaning patch stays attached to the end of your rod.

3) Cleaning Cloth

A clean cloth is essential for quickly wiping off any build-up residue without making a mess. Most are pre-treated with a special cleaning chemical that will break down dirt and grime on contact, leaving it clean and pristine. You may use a cotton swab for more advanced cleaning needs for heavy removal.

While this isn’t an exhaustive list, these items are essential and should form part of your equipment list.


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