Diving Into the World of Mystic Messenger

The game is known as a “storytelling messenger game” and is available in Korean, English, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese. Mystic Messenger is an Otome game developed by Cheritz that originated in South Korea. It was first released in 2016 and was awarded the 2017 Korea Game Awards for the Best Indie Game.  Aside from its Korean roots, this game is available in Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, and English. S Mystic Messenger can be a Storytelling Messenger Game.  

In playing the Mystic Messenger game, the player takes on a female character role. There are five basic avatars you can choose from.  The player downloads a peculiar app and is brought to Rika’s apartment.  Rika is the founder of RFA (Rika’s Fundraising Association)-a charitable organization. The premise of the game is that the  player will then meet the other RFA members and will assume the role of organizing a party by inviting guests.  

How to Win The Game

This game’s success depends on that party, as the story is sequenced for 11 days per route. Day 1 covers the prologue, Days 2-4 for the common route, Days 5-10 focuses on the character route, and the final day for the party. Mystic Messenger is in real-time, and players can exchange text messages and emails. The objective in corresponding well with the different characters is to increase your likability.

 When characters develop a liking for you, you can invite them to attend the party on day 11. You must get 20 guests to come to your RFA party to have a good ending in your game. This Mystic Messenger email is a vital part of the game and should not be left unattended. Luckily, this article will provide a Mystic Messenger email guide that can help you play well and end the game as a winner. 


This game has 50 plus guests whom you will meet as your game progresses. You will meet these guests as you go through different routes.  Ideally, you need to send three emails to each guest. And how you will correspond with them will be the determining factor of their party attendance. 

Not all 50 guests are guaranteed to meet you. Each route produces a set of guests, and you would have to pass through plenty to meet them. There are times when guests repeat in several routes, making you work harder in meeting different guests. Each earned guest will give you one Hourglass, which is the game’s currency.  

Guest Party Invite 

 As the player goes through the game, you will find guests whom you can acquire. There are plots or routes when the RFA characters suggest guests, but inviting them will be up to you. The more guests you invite, the higher the chances are of guests showing up at your party. It will be to your advantage to pick up these clues while you converse with the game’s characters.  When you have chosen your guests, the next logical step is to correspond with them through email. The player must exercise caution when emailing them, as a wrong reply could result in non-attendance.  

You are allowed to send up to three emails per guest to convince them to attend the RFA party at the end of the game. Correct answers will be dependent on the guest that you are trying to invite. Since there are more than 50 guests, it will be difficult to remember the correct set of answers. These predetermined right responses can be picked up in your conversations with the RFA members. Luckily, you can check the Mystic Messenger Email Guide online for the complete list of answers per guest.  

You would know if you are successful in inviting a guest by checking three indicators each time you send your Mystic Messenger Email reply.  Under the guest’s name is an envelope with an arrow. Each time you reply, you will notice the arrow changing colors. A green one would indicate the correct answer. This will solicit another email immediately from that guest. Meanwhile, an orange arrow will reflect an incorrect answer. This usually means that the guest will not be attending the party

Key Takeaway

This game’s popularity causes a lack of sleep for some fans, as it is entertaining. With its route twists and player decision-dependent outcome, it is no wonder that it has millions of downloads worldwide. If you haven’t tried it yet, download the Mystic Messenger app. Be mindful of the time you spend on it, as it might sweep your hours away. It’s a game that triggers your creativity and satisfies one’s innate desire for intrigue and suspense. In the world of Mystic Messenger, you will find yourself unsatiated on your first try, leading you to play again and again. You may win, or you may lose on your first game. You’ll never know until you try it!

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