Defending Yourself Against Claims of Employment Discrimination

Defending Yourself Against Claims of Employment Discrimination

Employment discrimination is a serious offense that can be difficult to overcome.  This is especially hard to deal with if you know that your company did nothing wrong, and you have to struggle to convince others why it’s simply not true.

These are the top ways to defend yourself against claims of employment discrimination and why it’s important to show a pattern of good hiring and promotion.

Show That Those Hired Are The Best Possible

When hiring new employees, make sure that you’re hiring the best people you can find.  This is one of the best defenses and will protect you in the long run.

In addition, seeking out workers who know what they’re doing and are leaps and bounds ahead of the competition ensures that if it comes to a lawsuit, you can show off some of your paperwork and make it clear that the only decision process was what was best for your company.

Show Seniority Systems for Promotions and Hiring

If what’s being called into question is how you promote and boost workers: it’s vital that you show why you’ve promoted people.  Aim to encourage workers who have worked there the longest and have demonstrated good work that would look fantastic in a leadership role.

Ensure that you keep a paper trail for your employees, including notes from yearly reviews and information about why they receive raises or what they’ve done for the company.  This will allow you to pull out clear information for why someone got promoted instead of someone else.

Make a Clear Case Why This Person Wasn’t Hired or Promoted.

If there’s a case against you, you must take the time to show why they weren’t promoted or hired.  Make it clear why someone else was chosen before them and why it’s not because of any protected status. 

If you can show this, it’ll help your company avoid going to court for employment discrimination cases because you’ll be able to talk it through before hitting the courtroom.

Show How Your Business Works to Include People Regardless of Differences

The best way to protect yourself is to practice what you’re going to preach in the courtroom.  Hire the best workers regardless of background, ensure that all employees have an equal chance at getting promotions or raises based on seniority, and increase the amount of paperwork you make about each employee.

This will protect you in the long run, ensure your company gets the best employees possible, and keep you from lawsuits.  Although it can feel like a lot to change or overhaul, it’s worth it to protect both yourself and your employees.

Your Business Doesn’t Have to Fall to a Faulty Employment Discrimination Claim.

Although it can feel like a claim against your company based on employment discrimination may be a business ender: it’s not always!  Talk to those within your profession that understand what your business is facing, and know that this is just a blip in time that your company will move past and improve from.


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