David Spc Deweese | A Humvee Driver | Was Killed in Action in Iraq

Spc Deweese

David Spc Deweese, a West Virginia native, was killed in action in Iraq. He was a Humvee driver with the 16th Infantry Regiment. His had served in Iraq for a year, and was assigned to a platoon training Iraqi police. He received numerous awards and medals while serving in the military. He was buried in his hometown.

Persian Gulf War

David Spc Deweese was a native of West Virginia who enlisted in the Marine Corps when he was seventeen. He served in the Persian Gulf War and Operation Iraqi Freedom. His loved the outdoors, especially fishing. He also loved to watch baseball. His was a New York Yankees fan. He also enjoyed yard work and was a member of the Riverside United Methodist Church.

After joining the Marine Corps, David Spc Deweese served in Iraq as a police trainer and as a Humvee driver. He was awarded the Legion of Merit, and he retired as a command sergeant major. He served in the Battle of the Bulge, one of the most important battles in the history of the military. The Germans’ aim was to push the Allied forces west, and they succeeded. David Spc Deweese was a hero of the war and a hero of the United States.

His Military Career

SPC Deweese, who was from West Virginia, died in Iraq when his Humvee was struck by a roadside bomb. He had served in the Persian Gulf War and Operation Iraqi Freedom. His military service included training Iraqi police officers. He also loved fishing and yard work. His family was saddened to learn of his death.

Spc Deweese was born in Putnam County, West Virginia and graduated from Poca High School in 1984. He served in the United States Marine Corps for 17 years. He was a fan of the New York Yankees and loved the outdoors. Unfortunately, he was killed in Iraq while he was training Iraqi police. He is survived by his wife and two sons.

Honors & Awards

Deweese’s military career has led to numerous honors and awards. He has received three Army Commendation Medals, five Army Achievement Medals, two National Defense Service Medals, two Armed Forces Reserve medals, and also three Noncommissioned Officer Ribbons. He was also awarded the Legion of Merit for his outstanding service in the Iraq War.

Spc Deweese, who served in the Marine Corps for 43 years, was a passionate New York Yankees fan. He also loved the outdoors, including fishing, and also working on his yard. He was a decorated Purple Heart recipient, and enjoyed spending time with his family. His military service included serving in Iraq, where he trained Iraqi police. His love of the Yankees helped him to overcome his tough circumstances and make the most of every day.

West Virginia Native

David Spc Deweese was a West Virginia native who served in the Middle East. He was a lifelong New York Yankees fan and also was a member of Riverside United Methodist Church. He loved outdoor activities, including fishing, yard work, and fishing, and also was also a dedicated member of Riverside United Methodist Church.

In his spare time, SPC Deweese loved the outdoors, playing golf, and also fishing. Despite his love for the New York Yankees, he was an avid fan of the Marine Corps. He served in the Middle East during Operation Iraqi Freedom and also the Persian Gulf War. He was a Humvee driver for one year. Humvees are light, four-wheel-drive military vehicles. They have high ground clearance, waterproof electronics, and are ideal for patrolling in hostile territory.

Final Words:

Spc DeWeese fascination with science fiction stories began when he was a child. Growing up in Rochester, Indiana, he began writing science fiction stories and was published in fanzines. He went on to earn an associate’s degree in electronics from Valparaiso Technical Institute.


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