Ceilings with a story: The history of Chandeliers 

Ceilings with a story: The history of Chandeliers 

A chandelier is one of the most popular decorative lighting designs and has always symbolized luxury, power and class. But that’s not what this lighting fixture always stood for. In medieval times, Chandelier was a symbol of triumph and social standing. Even now, nothing much has changed. 

The word chandelier originates from the French word ‘chandelle’ which literally translates to candles. This is a reference to the earliest chandelier designs, which included two wooden beams making a cross, holding candles at either end. Even the crudest version of a chandelier was considered a luxury because it was difficult to get hands on good quality candles in those times. 

The earliest record of a chandelier being used was in Europe back in the 9th century by the Church. And it soon reached the castles and royal palaces across the continent. Fast forward to the 15th century, chandeliers had become an essential inclusion in the residences of the noble. And soon, chandeliers became a common inclusion in common households by the 17th century. The chandeliers in common households used elements like wood, tin, rock crystal and such. The 18th and 19th centuries witnessed the evolution of chandeliers and the developments in the glass manufacturing industry led to crystals being used more commonly in these luxury lighting fixtures. By the late 19th century, gas became a primary source of energy and many people started using gas in their chandeliers instead of candles. Later, with the invention of electricity, the world saw the birth of modern chandeliers as we know them today. 

We, at The White Teak Company, made sure that innovation doesn’t stop there and neither the evolution of this splendid invention. We design our chandeliers with finesse, bring those designs to life quite skillfully and keep redefining the definition of a chandelier. We do pay an ode to the modern chandeliers that are known to be the pinnacle of this lighting design, but we also try to tweak the design languages, embrace the unconventional to offer people something beyond their imagination. 

With our Modern Collection, we try to offer exquisite lighting designs such as the All Shook Up chandelier that boasts a ravishing design and comes equipped with dimmable LED. Meet and Greet, Love Reaction, Food for Thought, Road Trip are some of the best chandeliers The White Teak Company has given birth to. 

You can take a look at our entire collection and purchase any chandelier online at whiteteak.com. Head on to the website and challenge your imagination. 


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