Can Your Cats Eat Dog Food?

Can Your Cats Eat Dog Food?

Did you see your cat steal something from your dog’s bowl? Maybe based on your observations, you might be wondering the point of getting cat food online when you could feed them dog food. 

Usually, you can feed your cat pinches of dry dog food kibbles in emergencies. However, it would be wise not to provide it to them regularly. 

Both cats and dogs have different nutritional requirements. In a country with 27% of households having cats as pets, you must know more about their dietary needs. Here’s the answer to all your questions.

Is Dog Food Good for Your Cat? 

Short Answer: Not really

Cats should only indulge in small amounts of dog food during an emergency and for shorter timeframes. These domestic animals have varying dietary requirements that make them different. Due to this, the dog food won’t have the nutrients required to keep your cat healthy. 

Most dog foods lack the vital ingredients required by a cat to live an active and long life. Besides, cats are carnivores, unlike omnivore dogs. It means that your cat can exclusively eat meat and fish. 

On the other hand, your dog will need grains and vegetables along with the meat. Therefore, the dog food will have varied elements that might harm your cat. 

As a rule of thumb, you can occasionally give your cat a pinch of dog kibble. However, feeding your cat will make it feel unwell and unhealthy. 

Fun Fact: Cats will need 41 essential nutrients, whereas dogs can do with 37. 

Your Cat’s Dietary Requirement – What They Need to Eat

As carnivores, your cat will need any high fat and protein content food. A high dose of taurine in the diet will also help them remain healthy for a longer time. 

You should add these valuable nutrients to your cat’s diet from day 1: 

  • Water 
  • Vitamins 
  • Minerals 
  • Amino and fatty acids 
  • Protein 

You can search for high-quality cat food online featuring a good combination and balance of these essential nutrients. This way, your meowing angel will remain active and healthy for a long time. 

Cat Vs. Dog Food – The Difference 

The main difference between cat and dog food is the protein content. Even though dog food contains good protein, it also has vegetables and grains due to the omnivore diet. On the other hand, cat food only contains high protein without veggies or grains. 

Carbohydrates play a significant role in a dog’s diet. But, some carbohydrates like small amounts of corn or rice can be good for your cat’s health. However, these are not necessary for their diet. 

Bonus: Reasons why you should not give dog food to your cat – 

  • Cats and dogs have evolved differently under variable diets 
  • Taurine deficiency will cause serious health issues for your cat 
  • Your cat might have an arginine problem with unstable protein 

If your cat eats dog food once in a blue moon, it won’t be dangerous. Instead of feeding your cat dog food, you must look for the best quality cat food online to buy.

Cats are carnivores, whereas dogs are omnivores. It means that the dietary and nutritional requirements will vary. However, you can occasionally give your cat small amounts of dog for kibbles.

So, stop your cat from stealing dog food for the second or third time. 


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