A Guide To Hiring A Wedding Photographer

Another day, another wedding. It’s always easy to say that isn’t it? Things like, “Cara and Sam are getting married”, or “ I attended a wedding last week, everything was beautiful.” All everyone ever talks about is the wedding, no one mentions how crazy all the wedding planning actually gets!

Don’t you worry newly engaged couples, I have got your back. I know you’re on the verge of a breakdown with all the excessive wedding planning but I can help you out. I can help you pick the best wedding photographer your city has to offer! Interested? Read on! 

Why You Need A Photographer 

First things first, let me list down 5 reasons as to why you absolutely have to hire a photographer. 

  1. The first thing people will ask you on hearing about your wedding is, “Where are the wedding pictures?” 
  2. All your family and friends, together and happy is nothing short of a miracle, you better record this! 
  3. You’re going to spend crazy money on an event that you won’t even have any proof of? Come on! You need a photographer. 
  4. You’re kids and grandkids are going to demand to see pictures, what are you going to show them? 
  5. It’s your special day, a once-in-a-lifetime event, I for one think it deserves to be captured. 

I’m pretty sure I’ve persuaded you into hiring a wedding photographer, now, let’s talk a little about what qualities to look for in a photographer. 

What To Look For In A Photographer 

Photography is an art form and not everyone can do justice to it. It’s much more than just clicking a button on the camera. You need to know about angles, photographic terms like exposure, contrast, shadows, and more! 

Besides being skillful there are some other qualities that you should look for in a photographer, which include, 

  • Patience 
  • Communication Skills
  • Hardworking 
  • Kindness 

All these qualities are what elevate a photographer to a whole new level. One other thing that catches my attention is photographers that are multi-talented. I myself am a photographer residing in Minneapolis. Whenever I give out advertisements in the newspaper and online, I make sure to add two headings, ‘Wedding photography Minneapolis’ and ‘Family photography Minneapolis’. 

Adding this into the ad gives my potential clients an idea about the experience I have. It also reflects my ability to work with family and friends, ensuring that the wedding pictures come out amazing! 

Hiring A Photographer 

Once you’ve narrowed it down to some 2,3 photographers, it’s time that you meet with them in person. I find this to be a crucial step so that both the photographer and the client can form a bond and it will eliminate any awkwardness on the actual day of the wedding. 

Wedding planning can be overwhelming and it may overshadow the actual reason that is to be celebrated. The celebration of love. 

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I hope you all have amazing weddings, with photographers that will capture your happy moments for an eternity. 

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