5 Things to Do in Texas When You’re Retired

5 Things to Do in Texas When You’re Retired

Planning for retirement can feel like scheduling an extended vacation where you can live out your days in exciting leisure: so why not make the most of it?  If retirement in Texas is calling your name, you’re not alone!  This state has easy winters and long beautiful summers, packing more interesting history than anyone could fully explore.

These are the top things to do while you’re retired in Texas, and what makes it such a great state for retirees!

Search for Shark Teeth in Galveston

Shark teeth are a fun piece of the ocean that you can take home and come in various sizes from smaller than a pinky nail to larger than your head and because sharks have so many teeth that they continually shed and replace, you can find countless numbers of them on the beaches of Galveston!  This can be a fun way to spend a day on the beach or a weekend: especially because shark teeth can be sold between $5 to $1,000 depending on their size!

Go to A World-Class Sports Event

Texas is well known for its sports teams, especially the Dallas Cowboys!  If you manage to score one of the nearby apartments in Arlington, TX, you can go to as many live games as you can afford.  The rush of being in the stands and seeing these athletes perform at the top of their game can be exhilarating and allows you to feel like you’re part of something bigger as you cheer on or boo the teams. However, this can get to be expensive, so it’s more cost-effective to either limit yourself to how many games you attend or pay for a season pass.

Learn History in San Antonio

If you want to learn about history, San Antonio is one of the best cities in Texas for that!  Not only do you get the chance to enjoy beautiful art and architecture, but you also get to learn about historical events like the Alamo, which is one of the most heavily discussed battles in American history.  

Exploring the museums, visiting art galleries, and seeing some of the oldest architecture in the state will let you feel how old Texas is and how much has happened in the short time that’s passed since the Alamo.

Go on a Barbecue Tour

There’s no food as famous or controversial in the south as barbecue.  Countless ways to prepare meat, endless sauces and seasonings, incredible flavor combinations, and constantly arriving new styles ensure that no two barbecue places will serve you the same flavors.  Consider going on a barbecue tour, trying some of the top restaurants in Texas, and eateries that are world-renowned for having an incredible take on this delicious food.

Texas is an amazing place to live, but living here in retirement is even better.  The more affordable living, fantastic food options, and endless things to see and do make sure you’ll never be bored as long as you live here.  Retiring in Texas is the clear choice for anyone considering it.


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